oh my auggie

Christmas Eve Photoshoot

First I took the dogs over to my house to get photos in front of my Christmas tree. Yes I put up my tree this year and wrapped my presents there and put them under the tree even though I’m not living there. You can’t even tell in these photos that I don’t have any baseboards.

Auggie first!

Most wonderful Auggie in the world.

I seriously will never love any dog as much as I love this one. He’s just perfection.

P next!

Very serious P.

Looking at these photos, I’m reminded of how much he REALLY looks like Auggie’s dad (and Auggie’s brother/Georgie’s dad.) As he got older he started to look less like them, but some of these photos make me go wow, he really does still look like him.

Happy P!

Back to serious P. Can’t be happy while lying down.

Pepper was wagging her tail the whole time so her tail is just a blur…

Such a happy little Pepper!

I’m sure nobody sees it but me, but she’s blowing coat because she’s about to go in season, and there are two little white tufties on her legs that I didn’t see until the photos were done… AUGH

Family photo!

The whole fam back at my parent’s house! (I brought all my presents home since we’re leaving from here to my grandma’s.) Payton is having a terrible Christmas because two bitches are in season and he can’t hump either of them.

Now everybody is having a great Christmas except Georgie. Georgie hates Christmas.

Nice family photo!

Georgie in a box!

First you take a box. Then you cut a hole in the box.

Then you put your Auggie in the box.

“Oh. I am in a box.”

Seriously he is so good. He was just like “okay, this is what we’re doing, I’ll hang out here.”

He was going to just stay in there. Doesn’t care. I’ll take a nap. Best. Auggie. Ever.

First you take a box. Then you cut a hole in the box.

Then you put your Payton in the box.

My mom was like “he’s not going to fit…” “Oh yes he will,” I said. “My puppy fits into spaces that seem entirely too small for him. He’ll fit.”

He just seems like he’s disembodied, that’s all.

But oh God he is SO cute.

First you take a box. Then you cut a hole in the box.

Then you put your Pepper in the box.

Pepper is not nearly as good at this stuff as the boys are LOL. We couldn’t get her to stay put and let us sit the top on her. She’s still cute!

Georgie solo photos.

Cute girly <3
She just won’t stay sitting so all of hers are laying down.

That’s it! Presents tonight and stockings tomorrow so more photos coming soon!

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