oh my auggie

Snow Storm Shelties + Arf on the Shelf Outtakes



Georgie: “Oh God it’s coming!”

Peppydrizzle was out wagging her tail all over the place.

The best way to navigate the snow is to hop, really.

Payton was having trouble running… not just because it was deep but because Georgie was pulling on his tail the entire time.


Payton is just like DERP DERP and Georgie is all BANZAI

Mr. Auggie <3
Then the snowballs started.


I hit her with a snowball and she was like “WHAT WAS THAT.” Sorry.

This one’s my favourite.

He also likes the snowballs <3
Georgie really wants a snowball too and also she is freezing.


Baby dog’s tongue is INSIDE his nose. Nice, P.


This is an accurate representation of Georgie.

Pepper likes snowballs also please!

More snowballs until Georgie was visibly shivering so we all went back inside…

I really love that Pepper got into it this year. I’m so excited when she does anything other than look sad and like I beat her.

Also while out there I decided to take my Arf on the Shelf photo. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do but Auggie had a few ideas.

First he looks quite pretty.

And then.

“Auggie no!!”

“Auggie stop! Don’t eat it!”

I was trying to tell him “no, stop!” and yet it was hysterical and I kept snapping photos at the same time. Poor Francisco.

End! We can’t go anywhere at all until the plows clear us out… who knows when that will be. Yay.

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