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Auggie Is Eight

Mom asked if he could show her on his paws “how many” he was.

“I’m this many if you count my nubby toes!”

The very bestest boy.

I told him I’d blow out the candle for him… and asked him if he wished all the other dogs would go away.


All the party people!!

Pepper got cake second since she is the second oldest. Pepper LIKES cake.

“I think birthdays are my new favorite.”

Payton isn’t sure about the hat.

But he IS sure about the cupcake.

“Oh I do like birthday.”

Georgie was rotten and almost lost her turn for cake. She just could NOT keep her feet on the floor. I have a blurry photo of Auggie eating cake and there’s a blurry Georgie jumping up and down vertically in the background…

One day I’m going to video her eating cake so you can HEAR what accompanies this.

This basketball toy pleases the Auggie.

Best Auggie ever.

Every year I try to do a whole “what does Auggie mean to me?” thing and there are no words for it. Words alone do not express what he means. I am thrilled to have him in my life and to have spent the last eight years with him, even if they often contained tears, frustration, and heartbreak. I would never trade Auggie for anything. And even though Payton is technically a better agility dog than Auggie, if I could only have one dog over and over for the rest of my life, it would be Auggie.
Happy birthday my little old man.

And many more.