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Happy Birthday Pepper!!

It’s Pepper’s FIFTH birthday today, but her first birthday with me – so of course I wanted to have a nice party for her. I asked her months ago if she wanted a Princess Party and she wagged her tail.
Princess Party it is.

First we had a good time outside. Payton has finally decided she is no longer in season enough to warrant harassment so they were all able to be out together!

Of course it didn’t matter much because Payton was doing this.


My girly <3
My girl and her brudder Auggie. She loves her Auggie.

And then there’s this one. Her real brother. Who… well she doesn’t really want to be touching him right now or anything if that’s okay.

But you can totally tell they’re related.

Then more of this happened.

Pepper with her niecelette <3 And later we were all back inside for PRINCESS PARTY!!!
Pepper got her own special birthday princess hat and everybody else had to wear tiaras.
Including the boys.

Auggie is very pretty.

Geeeeeorgie. Georgie got a pink tiara, I put purple ones on the boys. Because purple is slightly more manly.

Birthday Princess!!

Oh LOLOL Payton.

Cupcake time!! (I made my mom hold the dogs while I took photos this time, after Payton’s sad birthday photos.)

Mmmmm… pink cuppycake.

“Oh I will just lick it…”

“Until I NOM.”

My dad wanted to give Payton his cupcake because Payton is so gentle and delicate.

Om nom nom.

I also decided to break Auggie’s cupcake into pieces after he swallowed his cupcake whole on Payton’s birthday.

…aaaaaand off goes Auggie’s tiara.

Georgie is super cute in her tiara.

I don’t even have to share any of Georgie’s other cupcake eating photos because this one is the best.

Pepper got a little pink bunny-ball for her birthday. For a while she didn’t play with it at all and the other dogs grabbed it… THEN she wanted to play with it. Because I think it then tasted like cupcake. Ohhhh Pepper.

Even I wore a tiara! So did my mom but she wouldn’t appreciate me sharing her photo I don’t think. My dad bailed before this happened or I would probably have made him wear a tiara too…

Happy happy birthday my best and only girl. <3