oh my auggie

Springy Shelties

The, uh, whatever these purple things are, those are blooming. So I took some photos.

Baby Georgie!!

She’s a pretty little (bad) girl.

Family photo. Pepper was (clearly) not cooperating much. Also I should start a new game where I keep a running tally of how many photos I take of Payton where he’s ruining the photo because he’s looking in the tree for squirrels.

Slightly less squinty Pepper… you’d think she never sees daylight or something…

Georgie refused to sit up (worst. posing. dog. ever.) so I told Payton to down to try and balance it out a bit more.

I got everybody to down actually. Auggie had to ask me like six times if I really wanted him to down THERE and not get up and come down to me (YES I mean DOWN, RIGHT THERE, NOW) and Pepper had to be lured down. And then Auggie was unhappy because I told him “now” and that’s not nice. Sigh…

Georgie and Uncle Auggie!

I would have more but my back was still acting up a bit (super super sore from the half-marathon… what??) so I didn’t want to push it taking too many photos. We are officially into nice weather now though so I think we are clear for more cute shots.

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