oh my auggie

Sheltie Easter 2013

Mercifully it did not rain as much as they said it was supposed to, so we were spared the ultra muddy conditions I was expecting for this year’s Easter egg hunt!

As usual Auggie’s all “EGGS YEAH” and everybody else is all “derp de der what are we doing?”

Big dog loves this game.


I can’t believe he’ll be two in a few months, mostly because he still acts like a big dumb puppy all the time.

Georgie found an egg!! And Payton’s egg rolling behind her.

Pepper’s all “oh hey guys what’s going on over here?” (Auggie, meanwhile, is off grabbing all the other eggs like nobody’s business. There are no photos because it’s NOBODY’S BUSINESS.)

Payton’s still playing with the same egg. Derrrrr.

Georgie got her egg open to eat the cookie! Yay!

PEPPER FOUND AN EGG! She didn’t know how to open it so I had to help her, but I was very proud of her that she picked it up at all. Then of course she tried to pick up the empty shell like =D =D. No honey… no. It’s okay.

Payton found another egg (he accidentally broke his first one open and was like “!! There’s a COOKIE in here!”)

This started another round of running around with an egg in his mouth. And Georgie has no idea how to play the game either. CHASE PAYTON

Payton discovered the mass amounts of eggs at his 2x2s and was like “wait, what?” He tried to pick up both.

Okay, one more of Auggie hunting.

He loves this game. I should probably do stuff like this more often. I think his eyesight is definitely going because he wasn’t quite as snappy at it this year…

Okay, ONE more… because I hid this orange one by the basketball and it’s appropriate for Auggie…

Payton still derping with his green egg, the other eggs by the weave poles long forgotten.

Everybody’s baskets – Georgie ended up finding THREE, beating Payton’s two (I didn’t count the weave pole one he left behind because Auggie was immediately on it, opened it, and scampered off.) and Pepper only found the one. Auggie’s basket obviously is the overflowing one. =P

Family photo with baskets!

Family photo outtake. Oh Pay.

Another family shot. Georgie was like “I’m done with this (#*!” and kept laying down. Fine, whatever.

Auggie with his basket.

Pepper’s single egg hahaha. Poor dumb girly.

Payton has no idea why he’s so excited. As per usual.

“Squirrel??” Typical Payton.

Baby girly and her three eggs!

The end. Overall it turned out to be a very nice morning to hunt eggs considering one week ago we were getting over a foot of snow dumped on us.

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