oh my auggie

Big snow dump, big photo dump

This had better be the last photo dump of snow-covered shelties until we’re actually in WINTER again.

It was still coming down heavily while we were out playing. Every few minutes somebody had to shake off to prevent themselves from becoming one with the massive snowfall in the yard.

Payton is not sure what’s happening but it’s kind of fun. Or terrible. Blizzards are awesome! Or maybe the worst??

Frosted pup.

Auggie puttering around in the snow.

Georgie is frolicking. But only for a little while. It’s hard to frolick when the snow piles are almost as big as you. Kinda wears you out.

Auggie appears to think there’s something under the snow and he should immediately plunge his face into the snow to discover what’s beneath it.

Pirate Auggie McSnowBeard has made his return! Arrrrr!

See? I told you they had to keep shaking off…

Georgie and Payton are wrestling and racing.

Pepper isn’t amused by this whole thing. What is this crap? It was 60 degrees yesterday!

More chasing from Payton and Georgie…

Georgie getting Auggie in on the fun. I’m pretty sure he was running off to bark at something and she thought he was playing chase…

A very weird mid-shake photo for Payton.



Baby Georgie, taking a quick breather.

This is Payton.

Payton likes it when I throw snowballs at him.

Pepper wanted to get in on the snowball catching too.

Throw it throw it throw it throw it throw it throw it


The kiddos chasing snowballs.


Oh wait, now ready?


Pretty little girl, all frosted from snow!

Auggie would also like a snowball plz.


He didn’t catch the second one, haha.

More from Payton – he’s having fun at least.


Her nails look RIDICULOUS here. I swear they aren’t that bad but she must be all grippy or something when she jumps because they look really bad.

Playing yaaaay~

First picture in which I can tell she’s related to Payton.

Playing doesn’t last very long…


I was trying to take a photo of Auggie and he came up, stuck his chin on my arm, and was like “Hi Mom throw snowball plz.”

But I still got my photo of Auggie.

The end.
It better be. >=|

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