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Snowy Shelties

I think it’s done dumping on us, but we got a decent amount of snow in a very short amount of time. I came home from work and immediately took the dogs outside. I put their coats on because it was blowing like crazy (the blowing and drifting in the country is going to be a MAJOR problem for people tonight!)

Pepper THINKS she likes this. She certainly likes to lick the snow off the ground.

This was happening.

My Auggie-man.

Pepper is… mmmmmmaybe not a fan of the blowing.

P don’t give a @#(!

Trying to get good photos of Georgie, but it was really cold and she was shivering a lot. I didn’t keep her out very long.

Too bad ’cause she’s super cute LOL.

It just. kept. snowing.

Ahhh baby Pay. I was trying to get him all crazy but whenever I’d grab a handful of snow he’d sit and wait for me to throw it… good dog I guess haha.

More Auggie <3 <3
Auggie was mad because I told him to stop barking at the sound of the salt trucks rolling around the city. =P

“Where is the squirrel Payton?”

“Please throw the snowball, I can’t sit here any longer.”

Baby Georgie. Not impressed by the blowing snow either.