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Snowy Shelties

I think it’s done dumping on us, but we got a decent amount of snow in a very short amount of time. I came home from work and immediately took the dogs outside. I put their coats on because it was blowing like crazy (the blowing and drifting in the country is going to be a MAJOR problem for people tonight!)

Pepper THINKS she likes this. She certainly likes to lick the snow off the ground.

This was happening.

My Auggie-man.

Pepper is… mmmmmmaybe not a fan of the blowing.

P don’t give a @#(!

Trying to get good photos of Georgie, but it was really cold and she was shivering a lot. I didn’t keep her out very long.

Too bad ’cause she’s super cute LOL.

It just. kept. snowing.

Ahhh baby Pay. I was trying to get him all crazy but whenever I’d grab a handful of snow he’d sit and wait for me to throw it… good dog I guess haha.

More Auggie <3 <3
Auggie was mad because I told him to stop barking at the sound of the salt trucks rolling around the city. =P

“Where is the squirrel Payton?”

“Please throw the snowball, I can’t sit here any longer.”

Baby Georgie. Not impressed by the blowing snow either.

Friends are visiting!

A friend stopped by on her way down to pick up a new puppy, so she, her husband, and her two girls met me at my new house, so her girls could rip around some with my dogs and see if they couldn’t get a little bit tired out, haha. This is the first time I’ve ever taken photos in my backyard there with the sun coming from a different place than it does at my parent’s house, and in early morning light too, so my settings weren’t quite right so a bunch of photos didn’t turn out… but I have some!!

First, this is Payton’s first time able to play in the “big yard.” He likes it.

Auggie has to make sure the grass tastes the same as it does at my parent’s.

I went in the house for a second and left them in the big yard. Pepper does not like being left behind.

Ridiculous ball-catching Payton.

Ball-retrieving Payton. This is the last time Payton was that interested in the ball.

LOL Pepper.

A not-so-stupid looking Pepper.

A Bazinga has appeared! Zing is an Australian Koolie and she is quite pretty.

Sadly my best photos are of their backends chasing after the ball. Or rather, Zing went after the ball, and Payton went after Zing.

More butts!

You can totally see how Payton is barking his head off here. Non-stop barking. The guy who lives behind me is an older gentleman who always tells me he has a sick wife to care for. I’m sure he is going to love Payton.

How most of the photos turned out – boo! Zuma is a petite BC mix, and she joined in the fun – and by fun I mean she told Payton he was obnoxious. Spoiler alert: Payton already knows he’s obnoxious.

At one point Payton realized there was a TREE in this new yard and ran around it barking because there might possibly be a squirrel up there at some point.
Nobody else cared.

“Oh you guys are still chasing the ball?”

More P running after Zing!

Okay, I know this is blurry, but it’s hysterical because Auggie.

More LOL Auggie. He’s like “I am way too old for this you guys.”

Unsure if depositing or removing tennis ball from Zuma mouth.

That’s all that turned out – boo to my crappy camera settings! The girls are super cute and Payton might love Zinga because she doesn’t stop moving and that’s awesome. It was super fun to have friends over to visit our new house and play in the new yard!