oh my auggie


At last! Not much, but enough to get some photos.

How I discovered 100% Pepper was in season – she sat in the snow, stood up, and left blood behind. YEP that’s what I thought.

Payton nom-noming snow.

More Pepper.

Ack such perfect sits on this puppy.

LOL Snoface.

How much snow can I possibly cram in my mouth??

Throw snowball plz.


Auggie <3
This photo makes me so happy.

Snow makes Auggie frisky. Normally he doesn’t care to play with Payton outside (too many things on the ground to eat) but he plays outside in the snow, haha.

Auggie’s FACE.

Snow makes Auggie so happy he levitates!!

Ahhh boys <3

Really really ridiculously good-looking.

Tomorrow I think I will try and get winter coat pics.

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