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At last! Not much, but enough to get some photos.

How I discovered 100% Pepper was in season – she sat in the snow, stood up, and left blood behind. YEP that’s what I thought.

Payton nom-noming snow.

More Pepper.

Ack such perfect sits on this puppy.

LOL Snoface.

How much snow can I possibly cram in my mouth??

Throw snowball plz.


Auggie <3
This photo makes me so happy.

Snow makes Auggie frisky. Normally he doesn’t care to play with Payton outside (too many things on the ground to eat) but he plays outside in the snow, haha.

Auggie’s FACE.

Snow makes Auggie so happy he levitates!!

Ahhh boys <3

Really really ridiculously good-looking.

Tomorrow I think I will try and get winter coat pics.

Payton agility training 12/26/12

Baby P at the training building tonight.

Need to clean the teeter up some more, he thinks it’s faster to get on by hopping on it halfway. So I’m trying to reward both when he gets on it straight and when he exits. I really should decide if I want a 2o2o or not because I keep changing my mind and it’s going to confuse him…
Some handling stuff at the end and also a blooper clip very last. I laugh every time I see it. I’m so mean.

Sheltie Christmas 2012

Spoiler for anybody who hasn’t gotten my Christmas card yet. These are the photos I shot to pick one to go along with the card:

Christmas Eve… I tried to take some of those “glowing” tree shots and I got laser eyes on all the dogs in several of the photos. So forgive the weird looking eyes in some of these. I thought to myself “I am buying an external flash in the new year!” and then I saw how much they cost and NEVERMIND. I’ll just shoot with the lights on and forget this.

Perfect Auggie.

Little P.

Ahhh Miss Pepper!

And Georgie who was pissing my mom off mostly because she listens to me better than she listens to my mom…

Then I tried close up shots on everybody, which worked better as far as the camera settings went, but since I had my focus on manual because the autofocus kept trying to focus on the tree instead of the dogs, Auggie and Payton didn’t come out in focus. I’m horrible with manual focus. It looks sharp on the preview screen and then bam, out of focus when I open the photo.
That said:

Pepper wins the “cutest Christmas photo” contest this year.

Though Georgie got a pretty cute one too.

Presents!! Payton helping Georgie open her present from me.

I told him to leave her alone and come open his own LOL.

“But I wanna see what SHE got!” Georgie ceases to care because I put a little baggie of treats in their and she only wanted the treats.

I found this gator super cheap at Gordman’s and since he hasn’t managed to tear up Sherman, I bought the gator too.

He pulled it out of the bag by himself.

I think he likes it.

Auggie is an expert at getting his presents out of bags and dragged this shark skin right out and started running around shaking it at people and asking to play TUG. I was thrilled because Auggie isn’t a big tugger, but he wanted to tug with this thing!

Georgie stole the shark (I took it back and told her I’d kill her if she ripped Auggie’s new shark toy) so Auggie got his second present out of the bag – a big sheep ball that is supposed to be extra tough.

Payton’s second present, another gator that makes a grunty-squeak sound. Super annoying so perfect for P. Georgie also tried to immediately rip THIS up so my mom had to take it from Georgie and give it back to Payton.

Auggie went to lay down under the tree once all the presents were cleared away, as is customary since he was a teeny tiny puppy playing chase games with his tiny puppy brother under the tree at his breeder’s house… I admit this moment is always one of my favourites…

Poor Pepper didn’t know how to open her gifts and didn’t want to even stick her head in the bag so I opened them for her. I bought her a pink sheep all of her own. She was too worried about my dad sitting on the floor across the room to play with it though.

Both of her “gifts.” I’m working on getting HER to tug next.

I had a pile of the bows sitting next to me and Payton kept thieving one and running off like it was a ball LOL.

Stockings from this morning! Most of these didn’t turn out but you get the idea…

Auggie got a new ball for the Chuck It!

I bought Pepper another sheep all her own LOL. It’s got long legs so she can tug on it… because again, tug with Pepper = next. She also got a rope bone that tastes like peppermint and she LOVES it. None of the photos of her chewing it turned out though. =< I didn't realize she was going to like it so much but she immediately curled up with it and chewed on it!
Auggie’s other ball, haha. He has a large one of these that we use on a flirt pole, this one is just for fetch AND ALSO FOR TUGGING BECAUSE AUGGIE NOW LIKES TUG SOMETIMES YEAH.

Payton playing with Auggie’s new Chuck It ball. He got a new ball on a rope toy to tug and play with for agility so we tugged with that for a while but he was quite interested in the ball too.

That’s it! Merry Christmas. I didn’t get a puppy. (My mom keeps going YOU DON’T NEED ANOTHER DOG YOU HAVE THREE. YOU DON’T NEED ANOTHER PUPPY YOU HAVE PAYTON. I may not NEED another dog but that doesn’t stop me from WANTING one…)


Look at Pepper.
She went right up to him to sniff him. I put her on the bench next to him and she sat there no problem.
I can’t get over this.

The other dogs are pretty good too. ;>