oh my auggie

Punkin Pictures

I bought pumpkins yesterday morning. They were on mega sale so I was like “I will take all your pumpkins plz.” Actually I only bought five, but I wanted more…

Uhhhh unfortunately most of our family photos looked like this.

This was the best I got, haha. Pepper needs remedial stays again.

Just the boys <3
Auggie saw all the pumpkins and the leaf pile and was like “Oh. *strike a pose*” He just knows… he knows. What a good boy.

I told Payton his turn was next and he decided this is what he wanted to do. Also pivots using the pumpkin as his perch. I’m not sure if I should facepalm or be proud.

Since Payton started it I asked Georgie to do the same thing. SHE IS SO CUTE AHHH

Not in focus =< but it's sooooo cute.
The over-achiever, LOL. Oh Auggie.

Aaaaaand the under-achiever, haha. Poor Pep.

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