oh my auggie

Leaf Pictures

I may have a good reason to re-do the family photos this weekend…

Boys! LOL at Payton with a leaf stuck to him.

All three puppers.

Excuse me while my big dog is devastatingly handsome.

Auggie is the bestest boy.

Seriously, it’s kinda ridiculous how good looking he is. Not even a show dog, Augs.

Oh? But I so pretty.

Yeah, he definitely knows he’s a handsome boy.

And then there’s this thing.



I guess he’s kinda cute. Maybe I’ll keep him.

Oh fffffffff seriously? Fine you can stay.

Yeah okay, he’s sorta handsome too sometimes.

But only sometimes.

the rest of the time… uh…

That’s okay. I pretty much like him anyway.


She’s actually very good at posing all by herself, but when you try and get them all together, she can’t hold still.

Yeah she’s pretty cute too.

The end… for now…

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