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Wordless Wednesdays – Weave Pole Wednesdays? 09/12/12

Today was (is?) the premier of WORDLESS WEDNESDAYS. No words, just a photo. Except today is also… weave pole Wednesday. I had this idea ages ago when I was starting the 2x2s, posting all about Payton’s weave pole progress and eventually posting some weave pole exercises. But of course the 2x2s didn’t work out and we took a break from weave poles for a while.

Well, the other day Payton was running laps in the yard and came by the weave poles, hit the entry, and weaved two poles. Just hit the entry and weaved two straight up and down poles for no real reason at top speed. I almost fell off the deck I was so amazed. So I decided it was probably time to get back to training them.
Today we did three sessions with the clicker and shaping them, using a bit of weave-a-matic action to help us out. He is doing fantastic, getting low, going fast, and even one-footing a bit. Not too shabby for a dog who hasn’t seen weaves in months. I’m very thrilled with him and hope we will see some pretty amazing rapid learning over the next few weeks.

So instead of just WORDLESS WEDNESDAYS where I will post “just” a picture, I think I will also go ahead with WEAVE POLE WEDNESDAYS for a while and update on Payton’s progress with the weaves. Enjoy this week’s photo and some weavin’ action.

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