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Henri comes to visit again

He has actually been over another time and I’ve been to visit him a couple times but this is the second time I’ve taken pics. ;P


Hen… um…

Oh hai.

I can’t stop laughing at this one. Henri frequents the dog park lately, being an only child, and has learned to go belly up when confronted with ballsier dogs (and I don’t just mean that Payton still has his balls.) So this is Henri throwing himself on the ground. Head first. And Payton being like “Um WTF are you doing??”

I think Payton is slightly weirded out because it’s like looking at himself. He’s having an out of body experience, LOL.

Ahhh there’s two of them!

Payton and my sister. OH HAI I’M PAYTON

Auggie, who still isn’t a huge fan of Henri. They chased a tennis ball together for a while but that was the extent of his playing with Henri. It’s definitely an improvement though.

Ummm yeah so he’s definitely gotten bigger. His ears aren’t quite sure what they’re doing (and I kept telling my sister “We can do something about that if you want” hahahaha.) Also check out his tail! I love it.

You can see all kinds of breeds in him. I see GSD for sure. Collie, yep. I don’t really see Aussie which he’s supposed to have some Aussie in him.

I thought it would be fun to try for a family photo. “Fun” is not exactly the word I would use to describe it. I’m pretty sure I told Payton “I hate you” at least six times.

LOL you can’t even see Georgie’s face because she’s looking up at me.

Proceed with caution, Henri… and LOL Payton’s face.

This is just a cute Henri LOL.


Most of the pictures turned out about like this by the way.

A cute one of all the boys!

Just the shelties… all staying, but looking at my sister, hahaha.

The best one hahaha. Team Three Shelties and Whatever That Thing Is!

Attempt at a nice photo of the three shelties – this is why I told Payton I hate him so much haha.


Oh noes, what are you doing to me??

Oh. I see.

The end!
I pretty much love Henri by the way.