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Pool today

“This would make a cute picture, right? Smile, Payton!”

He was giving me kisses before but once the camera came out he stopped, haha. I’m trying to get him to kiss me.

Now let’s get Auggie in the picture!!

Payton was licking my hand LOL. Apparently kissing my face is a no-no but kissing my hand is okay.

I’m not sure what the heck is going on here. I’m giving swim lessons??

I think I need to ‘shop Auggie out for one of him from the first two. =P

“Are you sad Auggie?”

“Everybody look at the ground.”

Poor Auggie LOLOLOL.

They both look so sad here hahahahaha! Payton had an eye goober I had to get. =P

See, they’re NOT miserable, I swear!

Repositioned Auggie so his paws were up on the side, and he starts looking at the ground again trying to decide if he wants to jump out or not.

LOL I’m not sure what’s up with Payton’s face here. “This is my look of disdain.”

We decided to try and get Georgie in the picture…

Earlier we had her and Payton in the pool together to see if they would play, but Georgie just discovered she can climb UP on Payton. Soooo that’s what she did.

And then…

…she tried to kill Payton.
Seriously, I can’t believe we got this photo. She decided to jump out using HIS HEAD as a springboard and his head went underwater. Poor guy!!

I promise to never let Georgie in the pool with you again Payton.