oh my auggie

Georgie’s First Birthday Party

Her birthday is actually the 25th, but schedules got crazy. My mom celebrated with her and I took some birthday pictures, but we didn’t get to “party” until the weekend!

The princess.

Auggie, always the good sport.

And Payton, who still hates when you put things on his head and only wants to wear a hat when HE is getting all the birthday.

We made a doggy cake, but I also brought home a small slice of REAL white cake, just for her.



This one hahahaha

Icing alllll over her whiskers. Hurray!

Payton and Auggie both got some of the doggy cake (no real cake for them.)

Then Georgie had another birthday party hat malfunction…

…and Payton chimed in with a birthday party hat malfunction of his own.

Then Georgie got her presents! Not very nicely wrapped, I just left them in the PetSmart bag, haha.

She doesn’t care anyway.

My mom’s gift to her (she also gave her a new harness and lead, plus an ice cream cone, on her actual birthday) – it’s a Nylabone peanut butter flavoured “stick.” I bought one for the boys and she loved it, so Mom decided to buy Georgie one of her own.

And my gift to her… her very own amphibious bumper. She LOVES the one I bought for the boys (noticing a theme?) and fetched it non-stop one day, so now she has her very own bumper to fetch!

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