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Swimming Shelties

I have now become obsessed with the idea of having these three be a Dock Dogs team. Wouldn’t that be fabulous?? I wonder if Miss Pepper would like to swim too…

Apologies for my pasty legs, melanoma runs in the family so I don’t tan, deal with it =P

Auggie went first. I tried the life jacket on him but really, he didn’t need it. So I just swam him without the life jacket on.

There’s a lot of flailing rather than smooth paddling… I think it’s because they can almost touch the bottom of the pool so they are trying to kick off the bottom rather than just swim.

Swim swim swim swim!

Payton was running around the pool the whole time barking THAT’S MY POOL GET OUT OF THE POOL HE’S IN MY POOL GET OUT OF THE POOL

Scrawny soaking pup!

Payton is still in his life jacket most of the time. I bought him a brand new Outward Hound life jacket that I think fits him better as opposed to the Premier Fido Float we used at the lake, and I think it definitely works better. However, Payton can definitely touch the bottom of the pool, so is kicking off the bottom. It’s not all the way full so this next weekend I will top it off and see if that makes a difference.

He kinda likes it though I think.

Holding him to try and get him to use his back legs more…

Paddle paddle paddle paddle paddle paddle go go go go

Seriously, I do think he likes it. I’d let him out and he’d run off to go shake, but every time I called him he came running back even though he KNEW I was going to put him back in the pool. Either he likes it or he’s really dumb LOL.

I like pool. maybe.

My cute puppy <3

Georgie is the smart one of the bunch… the boys will swim to the edge of the pool. She doesn’t bother, she just turns around and swims to me like “okay now pick me up.”

She is so cute I almost can’t stand it… seriously. In her little life jacket. Also an Outward Hound model. OMG.

Go! Swim to your mama!

But I’m getting water up my nose!

Little princess paws…


No life jacket! Go rock star princess, go!

She actually almost hopped out of the pool here hahaha.

One more time! Go little girlie!


Her ears are hysterical here.

Why? Why you do this to me??