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Henri is my sister’s new puppy. He came home the weekend before last, but he was wormy so we waited until this weekend to introduce him to our dogs. Auggie came out first and kept looking at me like “ANOTHER ONE??? Take it back!!” Poor guy. No, he wasn’t staying. He didn’t want to play with Henri at all. I don’t get it, he LOVED Payton and has never snarked at Payton, but he doesn’t have tolerance for other puppies now. I guess Pay was just special.

Georgie came out next and Henri wasn’t sure what to think of her. She was loud and didn’t stop moving. She got him to play a little bit but he just didn’t know what to think.

So then we brought out the Wild Child.
Oh Lord.
PAYTON will not rest until you play with him. PAYTON will not stop barking in your face until you play with him. PAYTON WANTS TO WRESTLE AND BY GOLLY YOU ARE GOING TO WRESTLE. So they became pretty fast friends actually, by necessity of the wild one being obnoxious until Henri obliged, and then Henri decided Payton was pretty cool and he wanted to play play play!
They did get into it a little twice, and I still can’t figure out what it was that Henri did that Payton didn’t like. I think it was Payton who would lose his cool but maybe not. Certainly Henri wasn’t doing anything that Georgie doesn’t do and get away with, but maybe because Henri was still new he wasn’t allowed the way Georgie is?

Anyway, what you really want is the pics:

“This thing won’t stop following me!”

Slightly blurry… he is a cutie!

Auggie sniffing at the puppy. He’s allowed to sniff the puppy, the puppy isn’t allowed to sniff him.

Oh here is my tongue.

Cutie cute cute!

Mom: “Are you sure Payton is wilder than Georgie?”

Umm… yes.

Yeah play!!

Imma bite all this fluffy hair you has! (I think this may have eventually become what Payton didn’t like even though Georgie – AND AUGGIE – do the same thing.)

Oh there’s a tennis ball.

I nom ball.

There’s another toy!! So many toys!

His tail kinda curls up over his back sometimes, haha. It’s adorable.

Mommy that cookie lady put me in this bucket.

I want out!

My sister was sitting right next to him getting him to pose like this and so she could keep the bucket from tipping over hahaha.

Ugh he’s terribly sweet too.

Getting sleepy… it’s about time to recharge my batteries…

head going down…

huh wha?? No I wasn’t sleeping!

Puppy butt!

The end… or just the beginning.