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A small handful of recent pics

Now that I have FTP access again rather than just crappy flickr, let’s try to get caught up! I have quite a bit to get caught up on (a bunch of pro pics from Louisville) but so far I’m just using a web client and haven’t got the actual FTP client to cooperate with me yet, so here’s just a small handful to get us started…

First: I ran a half marathon April 28th. On April 29th, I was stupidly entered in the local agility trial. LOLOLOL I woke up going “WTF WAS I THINKING?” and hobbling around my kitchen throwing down a handful of Ibuprofen. The weather is notorious for being crappy at our local trial, and this year was no exception. It started pouring just in time for our first run and didn’t let up until long after we had gone home.

Auggie was not very excited to be stuck in the car while it rained outside. I was not excited when I went inside the building to go pee and realized my legs were both completely blue and purple. I went home right after our second run and got straight into a hot bath. Yikes!

And of course because I am an over ambitious idiot, I also entered in a trial the following weekend, too. (and also would have stupidly done one this weekend were it not for Mother’s Day!) Got in the car Friday night to leave and discovered my A/C wasn’t working – I only ever use it when I have dogs in the car to keep cool. NOT happy, and my dad had no freon to put in it. Auggie is now crated in a VariKennel, which I call his clamshell, since he ate his way out of one of the soft crates down at Louisville, and I was really worried about him being stuck in a hot plastic clamshell. I got our crate fans out and put one on his door, and unzipped the top of Payton’s soft crate a bit so he would get more air flow, and wedged the second crate fan best I could against the “door” to his soft crate.
I forgot to zip the top of Payton’s crate closed when I left the dogs in the hotel to go grab dinner and was quite surprised when I opened my hotel room door and TA-DAAAA! PAYTON!

He had stuck his nose into the small opening and wedged, wedged, wedged his head through until he opened it enough to squeeze his whole body out. =P

Next, things you never want to see in your rear view mirror:

I did not learn from the hotel incident. Payton, however, did. It was over 90 degrees when I was heading home so I again opened the top of the crate to give Payton more air flow. About thirty miles away from the trial site, I suddenly see PAYTON’S STUPID HEAD in my rear view mirror.
I drove like this for 18 miles until I got to the next exit and pulled off. Though on the actual highway he had his head up towards the crack in the window like “Ahhhh fresh air!” I ended up just taking him out of the crate and letting him loose in the backseat, which I hated, but was terrified he would overheat or would end up like THIS again, which certainly isn’t safe either.

And then some random miscellaneous shots…

Family shot. At least they’re both not looking at me…?

There we go!


The holee roller is his fave. Unfortunately we’ve tugged on it so much it’s ready to rip. =< I'm trying to be gentle with it but I don't think it's going to last the summer. and finally,
my big ol’ baby dog.