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My poor little guy

Payton’s last dose of flagyl was Tuesday… last night at 2:30AM I was up cleaning runny poo off my carpet yet again. =< Lucky me, I hadn't even taken the crate back downstairs from the previous week, so I brought it into my bedroom and started setting it up for him. He actually started CRYING when I was setting it up. He went into it willingly and settled down easily and fell asleep once I got it set up, but he really doesn't like being in the crate. He likes curling up with me right when we get into bed, then jumps down and sleeps on the floor... then in the early morning he jumps back up and snuggles some more before I get up. When he's crated he just stares at me from the crate with his ears back a little like he's pouting. But I never thought he would CRY when he saw me setting the crate up. =< Poor baby. The sad thing is, he's just going to have to be crated at night until we get his tummy figured out. So he's going to be really unhappy for a while. I'm not very happy about it either, I like having him snuggle up in the mornings. =/ Booooo. On the one up side, I contacted Auggie's chiropractor and asked for a second opinion from her. She agrees it's clostridium and has prescribed a nice chunk of stuff for him. Tylan powder for a while, B12 injections, and two herbal formulas. Whew! Getting stuff out of the cabinet to feed the dogs looks like I've raided a pharmacy. And to make matters worse, when I left for lunch my plan was to go to the vet's office and pick up the stuff my other vet called in for them to have ready for me, then go home, let the dogs out to potty, reheat my lunch, eat it, then come back to work. By the time I get home - too late! Payton had crapped in his crate. So I spent the rest of my lunch break cleaning out his crate instead. I kept trying to decide if I should just bring Payton back to work with me so I could watch him and take him outside HERE if I needed to, but ultimately decided I would just give him some Pepto and leave him at home. Then the poor little guy spat Pepto all over my clothes and that EFFING white carpet that I swear I'm just going to flip out about one day and rip up with my bare hands. Did I mention I'm running a 5K tonight? I managed to pop my lunch into the pizza oven and warm it up while I was syringing in the Pepto, then threw it in a Tupperware container and came back to work and ate at my desk. And now my stomach hurts because I'm so stressed out and worried. Worried about having left Payton at home instead of bringing him here where I can watch him. Worried I'm going to come home and he'll have crapped all over his crate and all over HIMSELF, and I don't know where I'm going to fit time to give him a bath. Worried he's going to be sick all night tonight when I'm trying to get sleep before my half-marathon tomorrow. Worried this is never. going. to end. To top everything off, when I was on the phone with my other vet, she asked how big Payton was and when I told her he's 17 pounds she said "Wow, he's TINY." He is. He is taller than Auggie's dad but weighs at least five pounds less. And every time his stomach acts up like this it's just not helping. He's not skin and bones or anything but I've NEVER been able to put weight on him. And then he asked me how old he is and I told her he'll be a year old on the 16th, and she said "Wow! He's old!" Waaaaah!! My puppy!! I'm drinkin' tonight. finishing the 5K, havin' a drink. then going to bed. yuuuuup.

Payton’s tummy troubles continue.

Mr. Man has the poops again. And threw up a bit last night in his crate and it didn’t look right. Part of it looked normal… and part of it looked like poop. Every two hours, pretty much on the dot, he was crying in the crate to be let out.
The vet couldn’t get us in any sooner than 5pm, so he had to sit all day without even any water.

He’s acting totally normal besides having the runs every three hours. First thing this morning he teamed up with Auggie and they nearly caught themselves a squirrel. =P I was on the phone with the vet and they asked “Is he acting normal? Not lethargic or anything?” Nope… definitely not lethargic!

I took the morning off work to catch up on the sleep I missed letting him out all night long – and after he threw up I had a pretty hard time falling back asleep at all, even though I knew it wasn’t anything major to worry about yet – and one I found out the vet couldn’t get us in before 5pm, I took the rest of the day off too so I could just watch him and make sure he doesn’t get worse. And so I didn’t come home to take him to the vet and arrive back to a poo-covered dog.

So after a full day off work and fifty-some dollars later… the vet nothing apparently wrong with Payton.

We came home with more Flagyl, I guess it’s just the general tummy troubles med. Sigh. Best guess seems to be when he eats little pieces of rope and fleece bits off toys it might be enough to irritate his digestive system? I’m not on board with that theory, to be honest.
Doc was thinking blockage, but couldn’t feel anything, his belly felt fine, wasn’t hurting him… asked if I wanted to x-ray him anyway, and I asked if he thought it was worth an x-ray, and he said no. So no x-ray. A friend had recommended checking for clostridium, so I asked about sending a fecal off to check for clostridium. They can actually do a clostridium strain right there in the office with their fecal floats, so didn’t have to send away for anything. We talked about switching food, Doc said maybe switch food; I went over and talked to Auggie’s breeder’s husband about switching food, and he said probably not switch food, at least not now until we get him settled again this round, because if he doesn’t take to the new food it will be hard to tell if it’s that or he’s still got this going on… so no new food just yet… and he isn’t convinced switching food will take care of it anyway. Neither am I.

So chicken and rice for a few days, Flagyl for a week. I’m frustrated. I want more than “The good news is, it’s not this, this, or this! Bad news is I dunno! Here’s some Flagyl, cross your fingers!” which is kind of how I feel right now. =/
Poor Payton.

We just did this two weeks ago. Seriously? Buh.

Easter Egg Hunt – VIDEO!

Unfortunately I couldn’t wield both the video and DSLR, so I gave Mom the video camera… and she doesn’t really know what she’s doing… so not the greatest video, but I think it carries the idea LOL.

Easter Egg Hunt 2012

Rockstar Auggie who LOVES this game… I have video… I just have to edit it.

Eggy eggy eggy eggy

Payton found one!

…but he doesn’t really know what to do with it and neither does Georgie.

“I think you eats it.”

Auggie stole it and was going to open it, but apparently after being in Payton’s mouth it tasted bad because he spat it out and started pawing at it LOL.

Payton thinks that was his anyway and he wants it back…


He lay down and started chomping it a bit and I thought he might pop it open and get the cookie…

But then this happened. *sigh*

Meanwhile Auggie was running around finding and opening all the other eggs.

Payton DID finally open his yellow egg and was surprised there was a cookie inside. Then Georgie found another yellow egg but didn’t know what to do with it, and Payton stole it, then opened it by accident and was again surprised to find a cookie.
By the time he found this one he seemed like maybe he was figuring it out… but this was the last egg!

Auggie had found all the other eggs because he is a rock star at the egg hunt.

Payton with his three eggs!

“I lick my eggy.”

“What? There’s no food in them anymore? Rip off.”

And poor Georgie with her empty basket LOL.

All three! Payton knocked over his basket by laying down when I didn’t want him to, but it was kinda cute, so I allowed it. =P

Baby Georgie with the GIANT EGG

Auggie monster with the giant egg (effing blown whites!!)

Payton with the giant egg.

Okay, Payton is NOT a “head tilt?” kind of dog… I didn’t even notice this happened until I was editing photos later and was like “FFFFFFFFF WHY IS HE SO ADORABLE OMG.”

Because it’s funny.