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Garden pics


I hope this makes you smile because it makes me smile…

Auggie, jus’ chillin’.

I so could have named him “Happy” if I wanted to… but I didn’t want to… not so soon.

Der de der!

So then I let them in the garden… but only one at a time, because there are toxic plants in there, and in order to watch and make sure nobody ate something, it had to be one at a time.
Started with Augs.

He did this on his own because he is a photowhore.

This looks very fall-like… I think this is a fire bush or something like that? I don’t know.

My boy. <3

Ahhhh cutie <3
I like when he looks like he’s laughing.

the bestest boy.

Then it was Payton’s turn…

“Look at this Payton! Oh look! Look! Payton look at this!” Finally he did look at it.

“But just look Payton.”

“Payton… just look…”


“Oh. I sowee.”

Not nearly as cute as Auggie in the end. =P He will learn to pose with time I guess.

Watering the Payton



Georgie: What are you doing?

Payton: AHHHH
Georgie: you’re stupid.

that’s Georgie’s tail in the background. She really can’t figure out WTF Payton is doing.

Meerkat impression!


Gonna get iiiiiit


It makes me so haaaappy!

Just right in the face. Over and over.

He sometimes seems to mind and other times doesn’t care at all LOL.

I really don’t know LOL.


She tried watering higher so he couldn’t get it and he kept trying to get it anyway, including putting his muddy paws on her legs like “HEY LADY, GIMME THE WATER!”

At this point he realized he was SOAKING WET and tried to roll around in the grass to dry off. Of course this is the same grass we are watering so he was basically just rolling around in mud. Fantastic.

Georgie trying to figure out if this is a game she wants to play…

is this… is this a game?

No, no… it’s… well maybe. But no, you don’t want to play, Georgie.

Georgie: Seriously. What’s wrong with you?
Payton: Oh, LOTS of things!!

I really do like the way this dog moves, as an aside.

Aaaaand right back at it when she started watering low enough for him to mouth water again.


And some killer dance moves.

I had to go get him a towel when all was said and done. Then I finished toweling him off and my mom wasn’t done watering so BACK AGAIN HE GOES… sigh…


First, you need some context.

Obviously when he was MUCH younger, before he got the title Grumpy Old Man. This was I think only the second year my sister had him, so five? Six?

those whiskers are out of control… time to trim them up a bit!

Happy’s flowers have started coming up. I realized I don’t have anything for Kota. I would kind of like something, but I don’t know what to get… is there a grumpy old man flower out there somewhere?

Family photos and a few more

A few I took with my cellphone down in Louisville, sorry for the crappy quality but I didn’t buy my cellphone for the camera… it rained pretty much every single night down there (MUD EVERYWHERE. PAYTON UP TO HIS KNEES IN MUD PUDDLES EVERY DAY, LOOKING JOYOUS. SO GLAD FOR WASH AND WEAR COATS.) so camper lighting, not the best:

Payton, Auggie, and Grandma/Great Grandma! You can see Payton’s right leg is filthy dirty… =P

Payton, Auggie’s Dad Raleigh, and Auggie. Ral is the one Payton heavily resembles. I can’t remember if I posted about this here but I saw a picture of him at a show when he was eight months old, and it was about when Payton was eight months old, and we were all like “D= D= D=” looking back and forth at the picture of Ral and at Payton… Payton looks more like Ral than Auggie does and Auggie’s his kid, LOL.

Then we came back home and I took a really long shower in which I kept thinking I HAVE NEVER FELT SO CLEAN and then washed the boys.

The baby Georgie! I took a few photos of her sister this weekend but they’re not very good LOL. And I don’t think you guys would appreciate the photo of her trying to attack my phone the way I do… hopefully we can get the sisters together again soon and I can take a good photo of her.

Paytonmobile. Pay and Georgie’s sister, neither of whom were down in Louisville to actually do conformation, were attracting a LOT of attention. Which cracks me up considering how much time Payton spent diving into mud puddles like “=D =D =D THIS IS THE BESTEST”

My Auggiedoggie. <3 I was chasing the babies around the yard and looked over and here he was, laying down on the retaining wall. My little sun worshiper.

Wow, Payton

So the last few weeks Payton has been very restless on the bed. Pacing around, taking a long time to settle down and sleep.
Last night he actually jumped off the bed, and since I’m sick, I just rolled over and figured whatever, I don’t care.

I could hear him shuffling around a bit and it sounded like he was in the bed on the floor, so I lifted my head to look, and sure enough, he curled up in Auggie’s bed on the floor. We don’t really have beds around the house anymore, so I was kind of surprised he decided to curl up in there. Auggie does climb into that bed sometimes if we’re hanging out in my bedroom, but Payton usually doesn’t.
He stayed there almost all night. I know since I kept waking up from my throat hurting… I expected him to get out of the bed and start making trouble, but he just curled up and slept there. It was actually kind of nice, because he was in there with me, but I had more space on the bed haha. That was how I imagined things would be back when I first started letting him sleep out of his crate, but he was too little to jump on and off my bed and was still at the age where he would destroy things if he got the chance to do so, so it just became him sleeping on the bed with us (since he wouldn’t jump off, he was “stuck” up there with me… therefore he had no chance to destroy things!)

He did jump back on the bed and curl up against me when I woke up about 4am coughing so bad and I couldn’t stop coughing… it quite alarmed him. =P So he slept on the bed for the last few hours of the night. But I’m so impressed with my puppy for being so good and CALM all night long and not tearing up anything in my bedroom hahaha.

Now we’ll have to see if this becomes his new habit. I don’t mind at all – I actually think I would prefer it this way. Auggie might prefer it this way too actually.

Boys lately, Payton wearing hats

Whatever caption you can come up with for this picture, I’m just going to say “that’s what she said” afterward, so…


Auggie says “see I was under the impression that when we get in bed we are supposed to go to sleep… not this nonsense…”

Payton says “sup.”

“This is really too big for my head.”


What Auggie was doing while I was putting hats on Payton’s head. Lately when I get the camera out he tries to make himself scarce. He used to be a photowhore, but lately, since I’m trying to do more than just taking yet another picture of my dogs hanging out in the backyard/my bedroom, he doesn’t want to have anything to do with it LOL.


Throw ball plz.