oh my auggie

Chuck-it Times!

WARM outside today but crazy windy! Time to play fetch in the backyard.

Auggie has ball!

He must not like the plastic balls as much because he carries them funny LOL. The regular tennis ball he just chomps into his mouth, but these he carries like halfway out of his mouth…


See?? Normal ball, haha. Weird dog…

I don’t know LOL.


and by “it” I mean “Payton.”

Better catch!

Umm I don’t know what’s happening to my dog in this photo LOL. Momentum + wind = amorphous blobbie Auggie.

oh and here’s a cute picture of Payton! ahhhh cute puppy <3
aaaaand here’s another weird picture of Auggie trying to catch the ball LOL.

If you’re wondering why I don’t have any of that of Payton, it’s because Payton waits until the ball is rolling along the ground, then runs after it to pick it up off the ground. Auggie actually launches himself when I flick the Chuck-it and tries to beat the ball to the ground…

So all I have is Payton going “yaaaay I got it!” and bringing it back to me.

Chuck-it. Doing it wrong.

Still doing it wrong. He literally was running top speed to me, saw this leaf blow into his path, and immediately dropped the ball and launched himself on the leaf.

And ripped the leaf to pieces.
He’s going to be VERY sad once I get a place with no big ol’ trees in my backyard to drop leaves everywhere…

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