oh my auggie

Payton playing in the snow (SNOWSUIT PICS)

Snow is a fine delicacy. It has been quite rare this year. Like when there was a pumpkin shortage except it’s snow instead of pumpkin.

I started throwing snowballs at him – that caught his attention.

Oh I see what you have there. I want it plz.

aaaaand this is where we start with some blurry photos LOL.


Umm, a little bit of “wrong breed” going on there, buddy, but that’s nice.

OMG this face hahahahaha

I threw one behind him to try and get him to back up so I could try to get better photos. Instead he just turned around and was like “!!” because the big white ball disappeared into the carpet of white and he was so confused.

I so wish this were a) completely in the frame and b) in focus, haha!


Uh, you got a little something on your… you know what, never mind.

I’m so glad I bought this snowsuit. I don’t care. It’s hilarious.


I will be good if you throw it…


The best I got haha! We’ll work on it. XD

Auggie was also outside playing in the snow but he was just kind of like “WTF?” when I threw snowballs at him. He would turn and eat the one I just threw off the ground, then if I threw another he’d turn and eat that one off the ground… his nose was too busy being glued to the ground.

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