oh my auggie

Just a few out in the yard

Auuuuuggie doggie. Still not quite back with all his belly coat after his bladder surgery. =< It will probably be next year sometime when it will look back to normal.

Playing some with a very low jump and the football. No formal jump training yet though I probably should get started with some jump bumps and stuff.

I think this was the day I accidentally threw the football into the neighbour’s yard and Payton almost died. He was like “MYYYYY FOOOOTBAAAAAALL” with his face up against the fence, and he wouldn’t have forgotten about it either. So I had to go creepin’ in the neighbour’s yard to get his football back since PetSmart doesn’t even make these anymore.
And when I let him out again later he was totally like “OMG FOOTBALL YOU CAME BACK!”
the things I do…

Goofy dog. He has now decided he is big enough to jump up on my bed before we go to bed, and this morning jumped OFF my bed because Auggie and I left him to go get breakfast and he was like “hay!” – but he still won’t go down the stairs to the basement.

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