oh my auggie


So I think most of you know that Payton’s favourite toy in the world is a leaf. Last night he came running up to me in the yard carrying a stick with a few leaves still on it, all excited he had found one last stick to play with. We were getting ready to go to bed so I put it up on the picnic table on the deck to keep safe until we could play with it properly.

We went out to play today and Auggie decided it was time to enact a little bit of payback.

Auggie: You like this? Here let me have it.

Payton: HAY! That’s MINE!

Auggie: I want it. Give it to me.
Payton: Noooooooooo

Auggie: I am taking it now.
Payton: WAH!!

I was secretly cheering Auggie on. Seriously, he doesn’t even really LIKE sticks… he didn’t really want it except for the fact that Payton had it therefore he decided to steal it. This is the first time he has ever done this, LOL. Usually he’s the one getting puppies (or Pepper) running up to him going “WHAT’S THAT?” and he drops it so they can have it. Good for you Auggie, LOL.

“Hay Mom it’s kinda windy out here!”

My very handsome little boy. With dirt sticking out of his muzzle. Sigh.

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