oh my auggie

Some Christmas photos…

First, we asked Georgie to down. Auggie proceeded to do this. “ohhhh my goooood these puppies are killing meeeee.”

Bros! Poor Auggie has a busted lip right now. =< Not sure if he got it playing bitey face or if he bit himself at some point.

All three little doggies. Georgie apparently thought the boys had cooties today – she did NOT want to get anywhere closer to Payton.

Happy Aug!

Then we busted out the costumes LOL. “Payton won’t move now because he has something on his head,” I said. If only the same trick worked with Georgie…

Payton didn’t like the reindeer antlers so we switched him and Georgie.

Brudders <3

I think this might be the one I send to everybody! (And look! Auggie’s big ol’ chunk out of his leg hair has mostly grown back!)

Santa Auggie!

The end! I might get the big ornaments out again this year but I have to find the time to do it… not sure when that might be unless it’s literally Christmas Eve…

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