oh my auggie

Oh Brother

First, I apologize for the crappy colours in these pictures. I looked down at my camera while shooting and went “Huh, I bet those settings aren’t quite right,” but instead of fixing it I just kept shooting. Derp. So in order to make them not quite so washed out they are now semi-neon LOL.

First of all… ohhhhh Payton.

Auggie: seriously?

Auggie: I mean really. These are what our family photos look like.

Auggie: This puppy is an embarrassment.

Payton: Oh. I sowwee.

I don’t know why Auggie looks so disgruntled in these photos. Oh wait. Yes I do. PAYTON.

I think this is the best one that turned out… unfortunately Auggie looks irritated and the colours are all wrong. Meh.

Y’know, Payton really does look lovely when he’s not chewing leaves.

So annoyed with myself for not fixing my camera settings. And for stupid Auggie looking so annoyed with his brother LOL.

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