oh my auggie

Auggie turns six.

And so we celebrated Auggie’s sixth birthday with a photo of Payton.
Just kidding. Auggie was off eating grass like normal so I took a few pics of Payton first.

Then I took some Auggie photos too.


Payton has been quite delighted with all of the enourmous leaves that are falling off the tree in the back of our yard.

And I don’t mind handing him one as big as his head because he looks about like how children look when they come downstairs on Christmas and see a bike in their living room…

Back to Auggie.

Snork. Slopping around some remaining grass bits in his mouth.

That’s my boy.

kinda wonky focus but whatever.

then later…. “it’s MY birthday??”

Payton froze immediately once I put the hat on his head. LOL poor Payton…

Even Georgie wore a hat!

“Why you put things on my head Mommy? I hates it.”

I’m pretty sure Payton did not move his head from the previous photo to this one…

then Georgie had a birthday hat malfunction…

They all got some of Auggie’s birthday cake (no pics because we were juggling dogs and cake) and then Auggie got his presents! I got him this nice squeaky tuggy skull ball and also yet another Kong squeaky tennis ball – I found a “happy birthday” one in the toy box at the most recent trial we were at so I snagged it as our entry prize and saved it for his birthday.

The end!! Happy birthday, my bestest Auggie.

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