oh my auggie

Payton’s Snowsuit

I was going to wait for actual snow to reveal this one but ohhhh it’s just so funny.

hahahahaaaa… I saw it at the store and was like “IT HAS LEGS” and it was like it was meant to be.

This is the large. The medium was too small and the large is just a bit too big… so Auggie is a smedium and Payton is a medarge. It fit Pepper spectacularly though (unfortunately those photos are all blurry because I took them inside) so I’m thinking when Payton gets coat and stops being the skinniest skinny that was ever skinny it will actually fit him.

You put this silly coat on me… but that’s okay… I still have my dignity!


I see how it is…

my poor puppy LOL. My dad said we should put an STP logo on him and he can be Richard Petty as a sheltie.

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