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Oh Brother

First, I apologize for the crappy colours in these pictures. I looked down at my camera while shooting and went “Huh, I bet those settings aren’t quite right,” but instead of fixing it I just kept shooting. Derp. So in order to make them not quite so washed out they are now semi-neon LOL.

First of all… ohhhhh Payton.

Auggie: seriously?

Auggie: I mean really. These are what our family photos look like.

Auggie: This puppy is an embarrassment.

Payton: Oh. I sowwee.

I don’t know why Auggie looks so disgruntled in these photos. Oh wait. Yes I do. PAYTON.

I think this is the best one that turned out… unfortunately Auggie looks irritated and the colours are all wrong. Meh.

Y’know, Payton really does look lovely when he’s not chewing leaves.

So annoyed with myself for not fixing my camera settings. And for stupid Auggie looking so annoyed with his brother LOL.

Shaping is awesome

Do you ever get really excited when training something when you see that ah-ha moment take place?  I know how shaping works.  I’ve done it over and over and over again.  I’ve taught people how to do it and watched them shape their dogs.

But I just got ridiculously excited shaping Payton!  We are doing perch work, and the last time he was on the perch, I was telling people “he obviously gets the idea of moving his back feet and keeping his front feet in place – but he’s doing like a dance, one step left and one step right and scooting around back and forth all at once really quickly.”  My mom says to me, “Well, how are you going to fix that?”
“Right now, I’m only going to click for an obvious step to the left,” I said.

So tonight we got the perch out again and I did exactly that… and when he started stepping left clearly over and over and over and all the way around the perch I got so excited I almost started crying. I had to run and get my mom to show her, and of course when I tried it again he was getting stuck in his little dance again, LOL, BUT HE WAS DOING IT… I swear!!

And I felt like SUCH a dork being so excited.

Dog training dork.  That’s me.

Payton and Georgie pics

Tried to snap a family shot in front of the tree last night…

This was the best we got. =P

Auggie was like “seriously, screw this, I was chewing on my reindeer” and got up and walked back over to his reindeer and lay back down to chew on it again. So we just did some photos of the puppies instead.

Actually in some ways it was easier to just do the two instead of making poor Auggie sit there like “*sigh*” the whole time hahaha.

They really don’t look all that related… but they are… Auggie and Georgie look very much alike but I don’t see much similarity between Payton and Georgie. Maybe when she matures some.

Taking pictures with just Georgie is sooooooo boring.

Couple o pics!

Who’s the little monster dog that’s a barking machine to all the kids?

You’re daaaaaamn right!

Who’s the pup that would risk his neck for his brother dog?

Can you dig it?

About two seconds before I snapped this photo Payton’s tongue was hanging out of the side of his mouth. I’m so bummed I missed that shot.

I’ve decided the best time to take posed photos of my boys is when they are tired hahaha.

Auggie turns six.

And so we celebrated Auggie’s sixth birthday with a photo of Payton.
Just kidding. Auggie was off eating grass like normal so I took a few pics of Payton first.

Then I took some Auggie photos too.


Payton has been quite delighted with all of the enourmous leaves that are falling off the tree in the back of our yard.

And I don’t mind handing him one as big as his head because he looks about like how children look when they come downstairs on Christmas and see a bike in their living room…

Back to Auggie.

Snork. Slopping around some remaining grass bits in his mouth.

That’s my boy.

kinda wonky focus but whatever.

then later…. “it’s MY birthday??”

Payton froze immediately once I put the hat on his head. LOL poor Payton…

Even Georgie wore a hat!

“Why you put things on my head Mommy? I hates it.”

I’m pretty sure Payton did not move his head from the previous photo to this one…

then Georgie had a birthday hat malfunction…

They all got some of Auggie’s birthday cake (no pics because we were juggling dogs and cake) and then Auggie got his presents! I got him this nice squeaky tuggy skull ball and also yet another Kong squeaky tennis ball – I found a “happy birthday” one in the toy box at the most recent trial we were at so I snagged it as our entry prize and saved it for his birthday.

The end!! Happy birthday, my bestest Auggie.

Payton’s Snowsuit

I was going to wait for actual snow to reveal this one but ohhhh it’s just so funny.

hahahahaaaa… I saw it at the store and was like “IT HAS LEGS” and it was like it was meant to be.

This is the large. The medium was too small and the large is just a bit too big… so Auggie is a smedium and Payton is a medarge. It fit Pepper spectacularly though (unfortunately those photos are all blurry because I took them inside) so I’m thinking when Payton gets coat and stops being the skinniest skinny that was ever skinny it will actually fit him.

You put this silly coat on me… but that’s okay… I still have my dignity!


I see how it is…

my poor puppy LOL. My dad said we should put an STP logo on him and he can be Richard Petty as a sheltie.

Pro Christmas shoot!

MASSIVE photodump below… some of these look very close to each other but I am just dumping in everything.

We started with Georgie because we thought she might get sleepy if we waited.

then we put antlers on her. and she hated it LOL. They all looked pretty much like this.

My mom also got photos with her and the baby, but my mom doesn’t like photos of herself, so I’m not posting any of those. They were very cute though, so hopefully my mom will get over her insecurities and print out a few.

Auggie-doggie was the first of mine up because, as we all said, you can count on Auggie to take good photos.

hahaha <3

Ah-ha! Happy dog!

One of my faves this time around.

though this one is really cute too!

Then time for me to get in the shot with Auggie. And time for Auggie to pretend he hates me.


no mommy




Seriously, what am I supposed to do with this? LOL.

Next up: Payton!

who got his ears unglued just for the photos. Which means we have to glue them back down shortly LOL.

It’s really a shame he’s in his awkward stage LOL… but oh well. I will be really happy to have these some day.

“Payton, don’t look stupid.” LOL.

I really wanted me with Payton… but they didn’t turn out very well. He wasn’t in much of a mood to be snuggled. He wanted to eat the floor instead.

But these two are okay. I just really wish more had turned out well. =/


In case you weren’t all aware of how gorgeous and cute she is, please allow her to demonstrate.

Ahhhhh she is the cutest girl <3

my girl.

LOL I know this isn’t entirely in focus but it was too funny not to include.

Time for all three… LOL. Well, we tried anyway.

Oh my doggies.

We had total “look at the camera” fail in other words. LOL. Oh well!

Holy photo overload Batman!! So many thanks to Kevin Devine Photography for these fabulous photos that they do every year.

Group photos with Pepper!

The winner winner chicken dinner!

This one came close but I liked Payton’s expression in the other better.

My boys. <3 LOL Auggie looks a little pissed. Like "remember when I was an only dog? Yeah? And all the cookies went to ME? Yeah? Remember that? Yeah."

Hahaha this would be cute but Auggie’s SadFaec ruined it. “Now I have to share my cookies… boo hoo…”

LOL boys. Pepper is being good. Payton seems to be seriously considering running off to eat leaves. Auggie is still upset about sharing cookies. And OMG I just could not get them to be close to each other… it was like they all thought the other dog had cooties… I could only get two next to each other at a time and the third was floating off elsewhere.


I love how the ONLY dog looking at me in this one is Auggie… because he’s the only one I can say his name to and doesn’t think that means “IMMEDIATELY BREAK YOUR STAY AND COME RUNNING!!” Don’t get me wrong, I love that I can just say “Payton” and he gives me whiplash turns and runs at top speed to me, but the release from stay is “okay…” not the name…

Guess who’s here for a visit?

Hurray!!! The Peppy girl has come for a stay so I can take her along with me to our appointment for a Christmas photo shoot!

hahahahaha <3

Then Payton came over all HAAAAY GUUUUURL and she wanted nothing to do with him.

But as usual Payton thought today’s photos should be all about him… ready for this?




But he’s secretly a hick with leaves in his mouth all the time.

Then Pepper got to be PRETTY. This was Georgie’s costume actually but she is way too small for it right now (part of why it was so funny to buy it for Georgie.) HOWEVER. It fits Pepper!!! Pink fairy wings and a tutu hahaha.
it’s a wonder she loves me LOL.