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The sheltie boys do Halloween

I broke out Auggie’s shark costume from last year again. Shark + Pirate? Yes plz.

Payton isn’t totally sold on his pirate hat though…

Ahhhhh the shark is coming to get me!! And the pirate just lets it…

Okay, these next few require some explanation… my idea was to have Auggie lay down and then Payton stand over him. This was fine except before I could scoot back into my position to take a photo, Auggie decided he didn’t really like having Payton stand over him. So… he stood up.

and took Payton with him.

And I mean he literally took Payton with him. And I’m sorry these are blurry but I started laughing so hard I was crying. There was no way I was going to get a clear shot off. But I had to post them even though they’re blurry. My mom had to come in to help because I was literally crumpled on the floor laughing and crying and trying to get a photo and I couldn’t move to go help poor Payton.

And then the pirate vanquished the shark! I actually had Payton stand ON Auggie for this one. For some reason Auggie was fine with being stood on, just not stood over. =P

Better pose but blurry. =<

And that's how we do Halloween here, LOL.

Photoshoot this weekend

Princess Georgie is so nice and so cute and so


No, Mom, seriously. Help me.

Where is Payton…?


There are mice in the garden this time of year. Auggie would like to eat them plz. He stuck his head through the rabbit fencing to try and get a snackie. Auggie cannot get the snackies.

Then we started doing some posed shots. Princess!

Attempt at all three dogs. The idea was to make stair steps. Our mistake was thinking that Payton had not grown again over night – he is now officially bigger than Auggie. Incorrect Stair Steps.

This would have been nice but Georgie spoiled it by laying down. In her defense, we had like a billion other nice photos but PAYTON spoiled it, so it’s not really fair to blame her. It’s really all Payton’s fault.

Uhh… okay well this one was her fault.

Baby with Uncle Auggie!

Uncle Auggie doesn’t care much for her honestly. Not that he doesn’t like her, but he doesn’t really want to play with her. She is not quite his speed and I think that’s the problem. He has no interest in slowing down and playing nice the way Payton will for her. =P

Auggie was the rock star once again and keeps his butt where I tell him to leave it, even though the babies were continually bouncing around and getting up and moving. These are out of order but this was actually one of the last ones we did. After like 20 minutes and Payton moving AGAIN, he was finally like “Seriously… I am done.” LOL. Poor Aug.


Payton: What do you mean this photo shoot isn’t all about me??

LOL at the other two dogs and then Auggie…

Then we got this out. I bought this at a garage sale for $2 for the express purpose of THIS. Thanks Aug.

I tried to do photos in the car with Payton when he was younger but he was having None. Of. That. This time he was all BEEP BEEP MM-BEEP BEEP, YEAH!!

Well, the headliner is a little busted, but I think I can fix that…

Haaaaay gurl.

This door is also kinda busted, but since it was only $2, I guess that’s okay…

They see me rollin’… they hatin’… tryin’ to catch me ridin’ durty…

The princess also got in the car.


I am too young to drive. Where is my chauffeur? Oh Payton…

We tried to take some better lit shots in the sunlight but HOLY BLOWN WHITES BATMAN.

More Brothers Antics

They really DO love each other, I swear, but things like this happen at least once a day and it’s so freaking funny.



Auggie: OMG. Take it and SHUT UP. *ptoo*
Payton: !!!

Auggie: stupid puppy.

my stupid puppy.

Pumpkin photo shoot!

So I was planning on doing this anyway. And I had a crazy idea that we would be able to get all three dogs (Auggie, Payton, and my mom’s Georgie) in one photo.



I started with Auggie because he is a) good and b) generally obedient and c) a photo whore.

I have photos from the other side but I am trying to hide his still butchered looking leg from when he had surgery… so this is his “good side” for now LOL.

Next my baby boy…

…who thinks standing still is a terrible idea…

…but will do it if you ask nicely…


only for a second.

Wait? Wha?




Auggie was mildly annoyed and kept doing his “hit your brother” trick except I wasn’t actually cuing “hit your brother.” It was totally offered behaviour. Like “DUDE, just STAY PUT. REALLY.”

He tried to protest looking in the same direction as his brother because of this annoyance.

this is as close as we got.

OMG hahahahahaha

Payton started to lay down and I wanted him to stay sitting so I said “WAIT” and he froze. Like this. *facepalm*



Stupid dogs.

So then the little baby bitch came out to play and to show them boys how it’s done.

But she is so LITTLE!

LOL chewing a treat.

She looks like she’s about to fall asleep but she was just chewing, hahaha.

Look, Payton… even the baby can do it…

AND she stays put long enough to even get a few different expressions off…

Oh no wait – my mistake –

It’s only because she wants to try and eat the hay, LOL.

I just happened to click the shutter at EXACTLY the right second for this one – she was about to jump down. I was like “OMG I REALLY hope that one was in focus…” Oh yeah. <3

Mom’s hand is in this one but look at her little face! So cute!


Aaaaand this was the last one we got before my battery died. Close! But only two dogs, LOL. We tried many times with my P&S to get all three to sit still but with Payton and Georgie together it became chaos, hahaha. Oh well… Payton then had to endure Remedial Sit-Stays for his dinner and acted like a perfect little angel. Brat.

More proof that my boys do love each other…

or rather that Auggie does really love his brother, since that is the one that is always suspect.
Last night we were all in bed and I was playing my video game and I look over and see this. And was like ($@(#&@(*@# IF I GET UP TO GET THE CAMERA YOU GUYS WILL GET UP. But I managed to sneak away and get the camera and they stayed put more or less.

What I didn’t manage is a clear, well focused shot in my poorly lit bedroom, but hopefully you’ll get the idea…


After a few photos they were like “srsly. bedtime.” This is how they were before I went to get the camera.

Unfortunately once I moved to get another angle Payton’s head came up again.

and a cute Payton.

Big brother, little brother

I bought Payton a fire hose toy for his sharp, destructive, teething fangs. This is HIS toy, I bought it just for him.

A few minutes ago I heard Payton barking… and barking and barking. I got up to go see what he was barking at…
And discovered Auggie on the couch, laying JUST out of Payton’s reach (Payton thinks he is too small to get up on the couch) and chewing Payton’s fire hose toy. While poor Payton bounced up and down trying to reach his toy/Auggie and barking at him because he was so mad he couldn’t reach.

So after trying to get Payton to jump up on the couch and take his toy back I finally PUT him on the couch. And then he looked confused. He took the toy and then Auggie grabbed it back. Payton looked at me and then jumped off the couch.
Auggie then jumped off the couch… but left the fire hose on the couch. And here comes Auggie, marching over and smiling at me looking proud of himself, while Payton resumes bouncing up and down trying to reach the fire hose sitting towards the back of the couch JUST out of his reach.

These two. Seriously.

Despite how it may sound, they do actually love each other.

(I promise Auggie is smiling – you just can’t tell from this photo. He had a smiley face in the other photos but they were blurry.)

My mom’s puppy

My mom also has a new puppy! We have a crazy household at the moment with Payton, who has officially entered his Holy Terror stage, and now a brand new baby. The boys are being kept apart from the little baby girl for the most part except for a few very short and VERY supervised play periods.
This baby puppy is Auggie’s niece (his brother is her dad), as well as Pepper’s niece (her sister is her mom) – and Payton’s half-niece, being that he is Pepper’s half-brother.

That bed was on clearance for like $3. We had to get it, LOL. It’s a GIANT LOOFAH DOG BED… c’mon!!

Yesterday we re-did Payton’s ears with moleskin and string… the string came undone. This was the puppy’s new fave toy.

Actually Payton is kind of her new fave toy LOL. She loves him. Auggie actually has very little interest in her for some reason, but she is playing with Payton, and as long as I watch Payton and stop him before he gets out of hand, they are doing well together!

Little Princess. I keep calling her Pretty Pretty Princess and I want soooo badly to put the Pretty Pretty Princess crown on her head. I do actually own that game so I may have to open it up and get the crown out for some photos…

She is SO flippin’ cute!

Boys in the leaves

AKA snacks for Payton fall from the sky.


I can’t fit them all in my mouth!!! (but I can sure try!)

punchdrunk on leaves?

Oh God so happy

happy happy

joy joy

omg. I realize this would be so much cuter if his ears were set proper right now but <3 <3

oh lol auggie.

Auggie is like “What? Pose? Kay.”

What Payton was doing while I was asking Auggie to be pretty.

I don’t know why he’s so handsome but he sure is.

this amuses the Auggie.

I’m like foaming at the mouth over Auggie being photogenic by this point.

Ohhhhhh Payton

the snackies rain from the sky!!

I wants to catch it.

hahahaha all the leaf crumbs in his mouth…

Auggie photos!!

and a Payton or two snuck in there.
Auggie of course still lives here – he’s just usually off doing something else while I chase Payton around… so I made a special point of taking Auggie photos today.
These two are big because I love them. <3

Ahhhh Auggie stop being so cute <3

I wish Payton’s face were also in focus in this one!! It would be perfect!

Trying to hunt squirrels… I can’t wait until all that belly hair grows back in…

I was trying to show how close in size they are now but they wouldn’t both pose about the same. =P Payton is close but still a bit shorter. I’m thinking (hoping!) one more growth spurt and then he’ll be done and will come to rest just a little bit taller.

ohgod <3 <3

Family portrait? Nnnnnno.

Paytonfaec. That ear…

OMG the whiskers. They are driving me insane. I want to chop them off and clean up his profile SO BAD but Auggie’s breeder told me to leave it alone a bit longer. CAN’T STAND THE CURLY WHISKERS

Happy Auggie!

“Dude, seriously. You’re ruining my shot.” Little brothers ruin everything.

Payton + Frisbee

This is a plastic frisbee I bought at Old Navy years ago, and it’s all warped and stuff from being outside all the time. I probably should just throw it away. NO PROBLEM says Payton. I PLAY WITH IT ANYWAY.

<3 <3 <3

Hahahahaha I don’t know what he’s doing.

He looks tiny here for some reason!

chompa chompa