oh my auggie

Just a few family pics

My auto-focus doesn’t seem to be doing a great job. I would do manual focus for posed shots like these, but my eyes don’t seem to do a great job either. ;P I took some shots on manual the other night that I thought were clear and in focus, took the card out and pulled them up in Photoshop… blurry. Bleh.

You can see Auggie’s butchered coat… I don’t know WHAT they did at the vet. They shaved off the patch for his IV, okay, but there’s a HUGE chunk missing out of his feathering on the side too. It’s like the newbie was in there with the clippers and started going nuts and Doc was like “no, no, the FRONT of the leg.”

If you look close you can also see poor Payton’s owie head… he must have gotten his ears REALLY good with an itchy-scratchy and ripped out a chunk of hair. So his ears are wild and free for a while until things heal, and then we are going to try something else to prevent this from happening again. Probably do the moleskin on the inside of the ears and tie the moleskin together again. Poor Paypay! It doesn’t seem to hurt him at all though, so that’s the good news.

Almost a nice family shot and I didn’t pose this one either.

In November we are getting pro photos done and I’m hoping to have Pepper brought in for them! Then I can have a family photo even if we aren’t all in the same house yet… plus I really want more photos of me and Pepper together.

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