oh my auggie

1 Payton + Auggie agility


I’ve given him some peanut butter in this before and didn’t think much of it, but tonight while watching him chew on it, I suddenly remembered.
That Kong is a hand-me-down.
From Happy.

Disorganized landing. His takeoff is nice but his landings are about 50/50 disorganized like this. I’m not sure if it’s due to his physical limitations or just bad habits…


oh hai. i like a-frame. <3 <3

I LOVE this photo. The photographer actually put together a collage in her sample gallery and used this one (cropped down to just Auggie) as the large background photo and it’s really amazing. I’m thinking about ordering it because I just love it. I know typically people think of agility pics as jumps and going over jumps, but I really like his face and movement in this one.

By the way, he’s staring RIGHT at the aframe. He really would like to off course onto the a-frame if that’s okay. (It’s not okay and he didn’t.)

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