oh my auggie

This is how my puppy sings

He doesn’t do this much. He did it once the first day he was home and maybe once or twice other than that. I wanted to record it because I think it’s kind of funny how he kind of warbles, LOL, and he wasn’t doing it anymore so I was bummed and thought I missed it.
Well, he did it today when I came home from work and went to go to the bathroom first instead of letting them out. So I set up the camera and then went to go change into my running clothes, and this was the result.

(and yes, I realize it’s pretty much time to change out his crate for the bigger one. Unfortunately that means he won’t be able to sleep in my room anymore because there’s no room for a bigger crate in my room. He doesn’t wake me up in the middle of the night but I kind of like having him in there with me and Auggie… I don’t trust him not to pee in my room in the middle of the night loose though… =<)

I keep watching it and I think it's hysterical. Does that make me a bad dog owner?

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