oh my auggie

Playing boys

First of all, this is what I get when I say “Pepper?” to Auggie these days.

Apparently absence makes the heart grow fonder?

His head shape is changing. His needlenose is getting longer, LOL. Soon the top of his head should start to expand some.

I was moving to take photos and he was looking at me suspiciously, like I may try to grab that sheep at ANY SECOND…

Auggie chews toys, too. But often when he was a toy, Payton wants it, so he doesn’t get much peace to chew.

But Payton is teething hardcore right now so Ropey Sheep is a great chew for him.

We just started wrestling a few days ago. It often looks like this after Auggie shoulders Payton or butt-bumps him into going belly up.

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