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Playing boys

First of all, this is what I get when I say “Pepper?” to Auggie these days.

Apparently absence makes the heart grow fonder?

His head shape is changing. His needlenose is getting longer, LOL. Soon the top of his head should start to expand some.

I was moving to take photos and he was looking at me suspiciously, like I may try to grab that sheep at ANY SECOND…

Auggie chews toys, too. But often when he was a toy, Payton wants it, so he doesn’t get much peace to chew.

But Payton is teething hardcore right now so Ropey Sheep is a great chew for him.

We just started wrestling a few days ago. It often looks like this after Auggie shoulders Payton or butt-bumps him into going belly up.

Just a few pics…

New fave. <3 <3

Wouldn’t you know it – we went to breeder’s house so she could glue down his one ear and the other ear came up less than two hours after we got home that night. =P She told me how to glue it down so I’m going to give it a shot, probably tonight. She thinks they are tipping really nicely so far though.

And a very happy Auggie!

Razor sharp puppy teeth

I bought Payton a dragon from PetSmart, one that claimed to be “durable” and hold up to chewing. It’s the only thing he has in his crate, because he is a monster and I’m 99% sure he would destroy a bed or blanket if he had one in there and probably eat it. I feel a bit bad for him because he seems a bit uncomfortable, and whenever he gets up to move I can hear his little paws tap dancing around on the plastic crate tray, but there are worse things in this world. He is sleeping with his head on the dragon sometimes, using it as a pillow.

Anyway – this afternoon I was putting him back in his crate and picked up Durable Dragon, and he is ripped open. I thought it was stuffing-free, but it is apparently “understuffed,” so there is stuffing poking out. I think I’m going to rip all of the stuffing out and then sew it closed again. It’s not shredded into pieces, but he did rip it open.
I also gave him a Wubba to play with yesterday, one I picked up a few years ago as a prize at an agility trial. He somehow managed to rip the fabric on that too – and not the little flappy legs at the bottom where it would make the most sense, but the fabric wrapped around the squeaky part at the top.
Stupid razor sharp puppy teeth!!

I’m trying to decide if it’s worth trying to buy one of those really durable stuffed toys, or if I should just doom him to an empty crate until he grows up and limits the chewing everything in his path.
Meanwhile Auggie’s crate has a nice pillow I sewed for him, his own Wubba, a Kong, a rope toy, a loofa dog, and a stuffed puppy. Auggie is livin’ large in his nice, roomy, furnished crate… and the puppy has a smallish empty crate. LOL. I imagine Auggie is laying in his crate right now all “AHHHH, this is SOOO nice… think I’ll just chew on my puppy here… ohhhh so lovely…” and poor Pay is laying there like “=< =< =<" with his head on an empty crate pan…

And the funniest part of this? I went to PetSmart to pick this up (I'd been eying it a while) and to see if they had any cord covers, and when an employee asked me if I needed help and I asked him if they had cord covers, he asked me what kind of dog I needed to protect my cords from. I told him sheltie and he looked at me completely confused and told me "Shelties don't really chew…" I almost died laughing in the aisle. I've been taking photographic evidence of Payton chomping various things he should not be chomping on. I suppose Mr. Dwiggie and Ripped Wubba can be added to the "Shelties Don't Really Chew" slideshow now.

Me + My Boys

Asked Mom to take these tonight… obviously didn’t turn out anything like the photos with me and Pepper but unless I specifically ask people to take some photos, I won’t have any photos of me with Payton as a puppy. (Well, I’ll have some when we get pro photos done in November, but he just keeps growing, so…)

Trying to get him to look at the camera…

I can’t believe she caught this one, it’s amazing, haha.

He is trying to eat my face off HALP

Yay cuddly baby!!

Auggie watching all of this go on…

I couldn’t get him to smile so we both looked sad instead, LOL.

One Ear Up

One of the ears came almost entirely unglued and was being twisted some, so I took the unglued ear out. The other ear is still glued so I left it. The result is… kinda funny, haha!
I got a few of Auggie today, but they ended up blurry. =< He's busy just poking around while I chase Payton all over the yard removing grass and sticks and leaves and cicadas from his mouth…

Chomping leaves brings out the anime happy eyes??

His biggest love. Payton needs no toys… only leaves. (and we have an expressive ear!)

Rolling around on the grass. I keep trying to get a photo of him upside down but it’s not going so well!

Action shots of Payton

Finally switched modes on my camera, so I got some good shots of the puppy in motion today!

The basketball is obviously Auggie’s, but Payton loves this toy. I need to go get him a football one… I’m pretty sure they make one that’s identical but a football instead of a basketball.

One of his ears has come partially undone, I dunno if you can tell in the photos.

It’s funny because the toy is almost as big as he is, LOL. It drags on the ground unless he holds it just right.

And Auggie with his strawberry. He usually has limited interest in the plastic toys. Today he was obsessed with his plastic toys because I’ve been giving them to Payton to play with, and of course he wanted them because Payton had them. (I’m not actually complaining, I would like him to play with these more. They were slightly expensive even though I bought the majority on sale at 50% off.)

Auggie loves strawberries so it’s appropriate.

And Pay inside with the artichoke. The artichoke was the first one I bought because it was just too funny!

Baby’s First Bath

Apologies that several are blurry – unfortunately I can’t give the puppy a bath AND take photos at the same time, so my mom was nice enough to grab the camera. Also, he’s wiggly, so getting a non-blurry shot is a crapshoot to start.

Ahhh, a wet puppy! His paws look disproportionately HUGE when all of his fur is wet down, LOL.

I don’t think I like you anymore new MomLady.

And obligatory sheltiesaurus pics… LOL.

My poor dogs.

RINSE! Look at his nice neck. He actually HAS a neck. I bet the first time he goes to see the chiropractor she’s going to tell him he has a nice neck like the rest of his family.

Is abuzed.

sooooo abuzed…

somebody start singing “Angel…”

And then I grabbed a pink towel to wrap him in, LOL. Oh the inhumanity.


Also, baby is no longer nameless – I tried many many MANY names but the only name that really, truly fits him… is Payton. After #34. If you don’t understand, watch this. If you still don’t understand after watching that, I can’t help you, LOL.

So now both of my boy dogs are named after local sports players. Which leaves Miss Pepper as the special case when she comes home to join us, LOL. Which she just plain is the exception… so I actually kinda like it that way. (Though I could start calling her “Peppers” and say she’s named after Julius Peppers, haha.)

More of the nameless baby

Still kicking names around. Every time I think I come up with one, it ends up rejected because it sounds too much like another dog’s name, or I know a dog with that name, or or or…

But first, Auggie being adorable!! (overexposed, boo =<)

Shark doooog, shaaaark dooog…

Stupid sunlight screwing up what would otherwise be a REALLY lovely photo…

I need to switch my lenses and switch my settings, because just about everything is coming out blurry, LOL. So far Auggie likes his little brother, except sometimes he is really annoying. I am secretly enjoying the fact that Auggie is annoyed by the puppy, since I told him for a long time that I was going to unleash an annoying puppy on him as payback. On the other hand, whenever Auggie decides he REALLY wants to play, sometimes the puppy is in turn like “OMG TOOOOOO MUUUUUCH” because clearly Auggie can still be really obnoxious with the best of them. But they are getting along well on the whole and the puppy just loooooves his big brother. He follows him all over the place. If Auggie is looking at something, the puppy has to be looking at it, too. This is actually kind of helpful because the puppy is learning quite a bit just from poking around after Auggie.

The Newcomer

An as-yet-unnamed monster brat has joined your party!

A match made in heaven…? Or just two little brats plotting together?