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Me & Pepper

love this one.

she likes to put her head back and try to slobber kisses all over whatever she can reach – usually your eyes and/or nose.

her face in this one hahahaha

and just to prove she can ruin a perfectly good shot… stupid tongue!


I wish Auggie weren’t in the background ruining this one… this is the Pepper I wish the world could see. This is how I see her. She is so funny when she’s not busy being afraid of things. I feel like I’m the only one who sees her for how she really is right now.

Playing with her bro – he went after a squirrel (almost caught it, too, because it nearly fell off the fence and right into his open mouth.) and she ran after him, then they bounced around for a while.

little peppy girl.

Pepper is helping

I decided I needed a new bookshelf for my bedroom, because my bookcases are overflowing to the point of absolutely ridiculous. I went to Target and found some organizational shelves that I liked so I bought two and brought them home.

Pepper and Auggie both said they would help me put them together but Auggie bailed first to go nap in the living room and try to sneak some chews on his sock, and Pepper’s brand of helping was mostly to run in whenever my dad would come in the house, step all over me and the stuff on the floor, then leave again when my dad would go back outside.

Well, I got the first one assembled and took everything off my old bookshelf, moved it out, and put the first shelf where it needed to be. There’s holes on the side where you can insert little dowels to stick the two shelves together if you want, and I started to do that, then changed my mind and pulled the dowels back out. Pepper was “helping” me at this point.
A minute later I reached down to pick up all the remaining parts and the instructions and realized I was missing one of those dowels. And also missing a Pepper.

“Pepper?” I called. No answer. “Pepper, did you eat my dowel?” Still no answer.
Fine. Whatever. ($&@ dog.

A few minutes later my mom walks into the room and goes “Hey, was Pepper in here helping you?”
“YES,” I said, “did she bring you a dowel?”
And my mom hands me this dowel, all chewed and soggy.

Good thing I didn’t need it.

Thanks a million Pepper. Or not.

Success with the wait command, and family photo attempts

Hurray!! I have started pushing “wait” with Pepper the last week or so (they have to wait before they get released to their bowls) and it looks like it’s starting to pay off! She is still very new to it, I can’t make much noise or anything or she’ll get up and come to me, but she at least has the general idea now. Unfortunately this means I can’t do much to get her to focus on me (she hates the camera and thinks it’s evil) or try to make her look a bit more excited, LOL.

Testing… testing… how far back do I dare go?

I’m maybe ten feet away and kneeling. HURRAY!

Except she’s eating grass.

Grass chew… wait for it…

graceful CHOMP

“Pepper stop eating the gr- crap.”

Okay, so I called Auggie over. He was having NONE of this.

“At least try to look like you like each other,” I said. “No,” said Auggie.


Pepper is losing interest… Auggie still loathes me for ever bringing this bitch home…

Pepper got up so now it’s Auggie’s turn for solo portraits.

Except he hates me. Hates. me. from the bottom of his soul. (This one cracks me up.)


Grudgingly looks at me…

One nice shot, aaaand-

now he’s done.

Try #2 with them both. Uhhh…

“Pepper don’t eat the-

– crap!!!”

Auggie then took pity on me, or decided to show off. I’m not sure which.

Lookin’ at the flower…

Obviously weighing in his mind how much he hates me versus how much he loves me.

Oh, be still my heart. He can be a handsome little monster when he wants to be.

Or a big cutie!

And then I had to ruin it all by bringing Pepper over.

Ummm… can we both look in the same direction?

oh LOL Auggie and your stinkeye.

Then Pepper had to blink, apparently.

Semi-nice… the focus is not very sharp but it’s close…

aaaand then Pepper makes a ridiculous face that looks like somebody drew on her with marker…

Aaaaaand Pepper’s outta here! Game over.

Good boy Auggie sat there until I said “good boy, come here.” He’s a very good little monster who will hopefully not kill me in my sleep.

How’s this for adorable?

Pepper was in the kitchen looking down the stairs (my dad was down there and she wanted to make sure he didn’t come upstairs and surprise her.) There was an empty plastic bag on the kitchen counter and it blew onto the floor.
Pepper jumped and came in here all “Waaah! A bag fell!! It’s scary!”

Auggie was laying next to my chair and he got up, walked into the kitchen, sniffed the bag, then stood there looking over at Pepper.

She went back in the kitchen and looked at the bag, then went back to stand at the top of the stairs again.

It’s like he was all “DON’T WORRY… I shall check out the big scary bag for you!”
I do think he helps her sometimes learn to relax about things… she sees him go up to something and smell it and she feels more comfortable smelling it herself.
Auggie is a good big brother.

Moar Panties


Playin’ in panties…

Auggie does not want the panties.

Pepper likee. Apparently she thinks Auggie is sexy in his panties. Flirt flirt!

Here she goes again. Dang it all Pepper STOP FLIRTING.

They were playing in the other room and I hear “Auggie… Auggie you can’t hump her… AUGGIE… ….ummmm…”
So I go in there and there’s PEE on the floor. But Pepper is wearing her diaper, so it HAD to have been Auggie. I thought this might have happened last time but it made more sense to have been Pepper, but now I know for sure. Auggie is trying to hump her and then pee on her like he used to do with his puppy bed. That all stopped after he was neutered but now that Pepper is around with all her girly hormones going, I guess we’re back to square one.
Freaking. hornball.

Pepper’s Sexy Pants

I bought these just to be prepared for bleeding.
I would like you all to know that Auggie tried to rip her panties off.

(Apologies for the bad photos, these are from the P&S. And also the camera appears to be a sign that she needs to glue herself to me so I can’t get good photos.)

Why you put these on me? Why?

Actually she doesn’t really seem to mind them. I was laughing when I put them on her so she was wagging her tail and has only taken a nibble or two at them. Otherwise she doesn’t really care.
Unless Auggie is grabbing them and attempting to rip them off her, that is.

I would also like you all to know that I bought a two pack and therefore I also put a pair on panties on Auggie, but I don’t have any photos because I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe and I thought I might pass out. Also he seemed to think the panties were a magical force that stopped him from moving and he could no longer walk with the panties on.

Ohhhh boy…

Yesterday I caught Pepper offering her butt all flirty-like to Auggie.

Today he has INCREDIBLY renewed interest in trying to hump her. Like making monkey-noises when he can’t get to her or I tell him to stop.

I think we’re about to have a full-blown heat here.

Guess I should go out and buy some washable diapers just in case she starts bleeding on me here… she’s two and this should be her first “for reals” heat. Ughhhh.
I told her last night THIS IS WHY I LIKE BOY DOGS. She just stared at me and wagged her tail.

More photos from today (sans derpy Pepper)

Auggie and his RIDICULOUS coat that I still can’t figure out where it came from.

Seriously, WTF. Apparently Pepper gets the testosterone rolling for Auggie even though he has no balls and then this happened? That’s all I can think.

Pepper thinks it’s hilaaaarious.

This is the look she usually gives me.


Lookin’ in the garden. Some of my co-workers told me they can’t tell the difference between Auggie and Pepper. How can you NOT tell the difference?! LOL. They are almost literally like night and day…

What was that about pretty?

Ohhhhh Pepper.


Pepper: I wuv my brother

Attempt at Pretty, Round 2

Sigh… really? What kind of face is that?

I would kind of like something that doesn’t look like every other photo I’ve already taken.

The one semi-pretty shot we got.

The rest of them all looked like this because as soon as I started to get down towards ground level she would jump up, run over, and climb all over me.

No Auggie photos because he was off somewhere eating grass this time. Or staring at a rock. I found him in the back of the yard just staring intently at a rock. I think there may have been a bug on it or something and it crawled away and he was waiting for it to come back. At least I hope so, because otherwise he was just staring intently at a rock for no reason.

I’ve discovered another one…

Yet another rare, undiscovered species of dinosaur.

The Peppysaurus.

It is a very sad species of dinosaur.