oh my auggie

Needs More Pepper

I purchased… some things.

Pink things.

In preparation for this:

Pepper has returned for Attempt #2.

She is pretty much stuck like glue to me so I couldn’t get far enough away to take many photos of her. I took a few that would have been great if they weren’t overexposed, because like a moron I started shooting based off my settings from a previous overcast day, so I lost about 15 photos before I realized I was off. And yeah, I realize even some of these are overexposed too.

My dog is incredibly undignified.

These were after I took some shots and told Pepper “You’re so pretty!” I guess he wanted to prove how un-pretty he is.
And seriously. Can you blame her for not wanting to play with this thing? I mean really.

Attempt at a pretty Auggie…

Auggie and I have decided we are going to basically carry on our lives as though she is no big deal, and she’s just going to have to deal with it. If she won’t play with him, too bad… we are going to play and she can just sit and watch!


Ball is smelly (and also it needs some more air put in it.)

Auggie is perhaps a little unimpressed with all this, but he’s being a good sport.

Awkward expressions brought to you by… Pepper!

Another attempt at pretty Auggie.


Pepper thought she MIGHT want to play… then changed her mind.

Pepper: God you are so weird.

This is just how it is, LOL.

I love that she has white whiskers.

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