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52 Weeks of Auggie – 6/52 Bedtime

Ahhhhh… bedtime. This presented a bit of a challenge because I haven’t managed to get photos of Auggie sleeping since he was a puppy. If I move he’s immediately up and going “Whatcha doin? Are we going somewhere? What’s that? Hi what are you doing?”
So I had to lay on the floor for nearly an hour until he finally settled down and I was able to get shots for this week.

Also, I shattered Auggie’s world. I opened the side door on his crate so I could get photos from a different angle, and his MIND WAS BLOWN. He kept staring at the opened door, the door I normally open, then at me, and could not understand what had happened.

52 Weeks, Week 06

Only one reject:
52 Weeks, Week 06 Reject 01
I felt the angle of the one I picked was better, though this is a pretty cute little picture too!

Here’s the set on Flickr where you can see all of my 52 Weeks photos in one go:
52 Weeks of Auggie
Want to see the shots that ALMOST made it, but didn’t quite? Check these out!
52 Weeks of Auggie – The Rejects

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