oh my auggie

I don’t wanna go to bed

but I’m… sooooo tired…
I think I’ll just… lay on this pillow here…

Problem: I dumped the pillow there in a hurry so it’s folded almost in half. Dog is too big for pillow. And also IT’S ALL OF A FOOT FROM THE CRATE. JUST GO TO BED AUGGIE.

I thought for sure he’d get up when I stood up to get the camera, and usually when I turn it on and the lense extends he moves, but he lifted his head and looked at me… then put his head back down. Sooooo tired…

You can see his crate door in this one. Seriously, he’s that close to it. I actually had the pillow laying NEXT to his crate a while back and he would still lay on the pillow instead of the crate. Just a change of scenery I guess…

How can this be comfortable…?

Okay seriously. There’s no way that’s comfortable.

Little feets hanging off the back.

“Hi baby. Why don’t you just get in your crate? You fit in there.”
“No,” he said, and puts his head back down.

He stayed there for another ten minutes and JUST NOW finally got up and got in his crate. Weird dog.

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