oh my auggie

Blanket Fort

Normally you get no snow days in radio. Never mind the fact that I rarely got snow days when I was a kid in school too, but there’s pretty much no such thing in radio. You have to be there every day. The show MUST go on.
We had an impending snow storm coming, so Tuesday I made it to work (and was the only one of my co-workers in the front office who made it there) and not only did Tuesday’s work, but on the suggestion of our business manager, I did Wednesday’s work too – just in case I wouldn’t be able to make it in on Wednesday.
Tuesday night I was scoffing. “This is ridiculous. EIGHTEEN INCHES of snow they said. There’s maybe a couple out there. MAYBE a couple. How stupid. And I did all that work ahead of time! Now I’m going to be soooo bored at work with nothing to do all day!”
Wednesday morning I woke up to discover my dad couldn’t even get out of our street in his truck and almost didn’t even make it back to our house and up the drive once he gave up and decided to come back home. No way was my Impala going somewhere if his truck couldn’t make it out.
Soooo… SNOW DAY!

And what do you do on a snow day? Well, besides shoveling a ton of snow once it stops snowing and digging out your car from under all the snow so you can get to work tomorrow if they finally plow your street, you build BLANKET FORTS.

Do not enter the Blanket Fort. Do not disturb the puppy monster.

My hair is a mess from being stuffed underneath a hat a couple times.

A remote shutter release would be very, very handy.

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