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Auggie + Kong = ANNOYING.

It’s not like I call him The Annoying Thing for no reason.

Every night this week Auggie has gone into his crate and lay down to lick and chew his Kong. He spends maybe an hour with it and then he falls asleep.
Now, this is nice. He gets out of my hair and leaves me alone.

What’s NOT nice is the slurping, the squeaking, the terribly disgusting, annoying sounds.
AUGH. SQUEAK-SLURP… slurp slurp slurp… SQUEAKEDY SQUEAKY… slosh slosh slurp slosh… SQUEAK… slurp slurp… SQUEAK-A SQUEAK-A SQUEAK SQUEAK… slurp squeak slurp squeak…

I even put a squeaky tennis ball into his crate hoping he’d start obsessively squeaking it instead, because that would at least be a positive change. NOPE. Still licking and slobbering all over the Kong.
I don’t want to take it away from him because this is the entire point of the Kong, he’s supposed to lick it and keep himself occupied… but UGH.
I’m pretty sure he knows it disgusts me and that’s why he’s doing it. “Don’t want to play with me? Okay. I’m going to go be noisy and gross! Enjoy!” Sometimes he follows me around making these nasty slopping and slurping noises just to annoy me, without even having eaten anything, so that’s why I’m pretty sure he is doing this on purpose too.

The other day I told him I’m going to get a terrorist puppy and make it bother him all day long and THEN he’ll be sorry.

What Auggie really thinks of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day sux.

This holiday is sooooooo boring. More candy plz.

52 Weeks of Auggie – 7/52 Valentine’s Day

52 Weeks, Week 07
A puppy would make a fantastic Valentine’s Day surprise. Unfortunately mine still isn’t even conceived yet.

52 Weeks, Week 07 Reject 01
I had some “backdrop” malfunctions involved with these rejects. This one is SO cute but the backdrop didn’t cover the whole couch, so I felt funny using it as the one I liked.

52 Weeks, Week 07 Reject 02
More backdrop malfunctions. He looks so smug in this one!

Here’s the set on Flickr where you can see all of my 52 Weeks photos in one go:
52 Weeks of Auggie
Want to see the shots that ALMOST made it, but didn’t quite? Check these out!
52 Weeks of Auggie – The Rejects

52 Weeks of Auggie – 6/52 Bedtime

Ahhhhh… bedtime. This presented a bit of a challenge because I haven’t managed to get photos of Auggie sleeping since he was a puppy. If I move he’s immediately up and going “Whatcha doin? Are we going somewhere? What’s that? Hi what are you doing?”
So I had to lay on the floor for nearly an hour until he finally settled down and I was able to get shots for this week.

Also, I shattered Auggie’s world. I opened the side door on his crate so I could get photos from a different angle, and his MIND WAS BLOWN. He kept staring at the opened door, the door I normally open, then at me, and could not understand what had happened.

52 Weeks, Week 06

Only one reject:
52 Weeks, Week 06 Reject 01
I felt the angle of the one I picked was better, though this is a pretty cute little picture too!

Here’s the set on Flickr where you can see all of my 52 Weeks photos in one go:
52 Weeks of Auggie
Want to see the shots that ALMOST made it, but didn’t quite? Check these out!
52 Weeks of Auggie – The Rejects

52 Weeks of Auggie – 5/52 Colours

I had a tough time with this one, because there’s not much as far as colour outside goes. There’s a ton of snow on the ground so it’s basically white, and being an art student I am adamant that white is NOT a colour but the absence of colour, therefore using “white” was out of the question. I did consider doing yellow and photographing Auggie in front of some yellow snow… I also had a great idea for yellow involving tennis balls, but was surprised to find he doesn’t own as many yellow tennis balls as I thought.
So I just went with red, which is the colour I buy all of Auggie’s leads and things in.

52 Weeks, Week 05

Here’s all the rejects… this was kind of fun.
52 Weeks, Week 05 Reject 01
I really liked this one because he looks like such a badass in it.

52 Weeks, Week 05 Reject 02
This one cracked me up and I liked it, but decided ultimately that wasn’t the one I wanted to use.

52 Weeks, Week 05 Reject 03
But it gets funnier.

52 Weeks, Week 05 Reject 04
…and funnier…

52 Weeks, Week 05 Reject 05
…and eventually it becomes HILARIOUS.

Here’s the set on Flickr where you can see all of my 52 Weeks photos in one go:
52 Weeks of Auggie
Want to see the shots that ALMOST made it, but didn’t quite? Check these out!
52 Weeks of Auggie – The Rejects

I don’t wanna go to bed

but I’m… sooooo tired…
I think I’ll just… lay on this pillow here…

Problem: I dumped the pillow there in a hurry so it’s folded almost in half. Dog is too big for pillow. And also IT’S ALL OF A FOOT FROM THE CRATE. JUST GO TO BED AUGGIE.

I thought for sure he’d get up when I stood up to get the camera, and usually when I turn it on and the lense extends he moves, but he lifted his head and looked at me… then put his head back down. Sooooo tired…

You can see his crate door in this one. Seriously, he’s that close to it. I actually had the pillow laying NEXT to his crate a while back and he would still lay on the pillow instead of the crate. Just a change of scenery I guess…

How can this be comfortable…?

Okay seriously. There’s no way that’s comfortable.

Little feets hanging off the back.

“Hi baby. Why don’t you just get in your crate? You fit in there.”
“No,” he said, and puts his head back down.

He stayed there for another ten minutes and JUST NOW finally got up and got in his crate. Weird dog.

For Sale

One small fuzzy monster. Smells a bit. Very annoying. Can communicate with wookies.

The old ones only sell when they are on clearance because they are not cute tiny puppies anymore so you have to clearance them.
And also he is defective. Like not right in the head. And he has funny front feet.
And he may or may not try to devour you. Feet first!

Blanket Fort

Normally you get no snow days in radio. Never mind the fact that I rarely got snow days when I was a kid in school too, but there’s pretty much no such thing in radio. You have to be there every day. The show MUST go on.
We had an impending snow storm coming, so Tuesday I made it to work (and was the only one of my co-workers in the front office who made it there) and not only did Tuesday’s work, but on the suggestion of our business manager, I did Wednesday’s work too – just in case I wouldn’t be able to make it in on Wednesday.
Tuesday night I was scoffing. “This is ridiculous. EIGHTEEN INCHES of snow they said. There’s maybe a couple out there. MAYBE a couple. How stupid. And I did all that work ahead of time! Now I’m going to be soooo bored at work with nothing to do all day!”
Wednesday morning I woke up to discover my dad couldn’t even get out of our street in his truck and almost didn’t even make it back to our house and up the drive once he gave up and decided to come back home. No way was my Impala going somewhere if his truck couldn’t make it out.
Soooo… SNOW DAY!

And what do you do on a snow day? Well, besides shoveling a ton of snow once it stops snowing and digging out your car from under all the snow so you can get to work tomorrow if they finally plow your street, you build BLANKET FORTS.

Do not enter the Blanket Fort. Do not disturb the puppy monster.

My hair is a mess from being stuffed underneath a hat a couple times.

A remote shutter release would be very, very handy.