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52 Weeks of Auggie – 2/52 It’s All Black & White

For this week, we were to shoot in black & white. I don’t shoot much in black & white… and I don’t think I’ve taken ANY black & white shots of Auggie in the entire five years I’ve had him, so this was kind of an interesting challenge. It also took me back to when I was in Photo 101 (though that wasn’t the last time I shot in black & white, it was certainly when I did the MOSt shooting in black & white.)

52 Weeks, Week 02
I took a LOT of shots for this and narrowed them down to just a few, and for some reason I just really liked this one… so this is what I went with. It’s a bit grainy, I over-sharpened it just a bit, but it sort of reminds me of when I’d be in the darkroom and there would be dust on my film or the enlarger and that angry fit you throw when you get all kinds of dust and scratches on your print as a result…

Here’s the set on Flickr where you can see all of my 52 Weeks photos in one go:
52 Weeks of Auggie
Want to see the shots that ALMOST made it, but didn’t quite? Check these out!
52 Weeks of Auggie – The Rejects

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