oh my auggie

52 Weeks of Auggie – 0/52 Right Hand (Wo)Man

I have joined a photography project for the year of 2011. It’s a 52 week project (rather than the popular 356 day project) so you take one photo every week. This week is week 0, so just a “practice” week where everybody was making sure they could get their photos uploaded and everything. The theme was “Right Hand (Wo)Man” or just a shot to establish who your subject is going to be for the project.
Mine, of course, is Auggie… since he’s all I’ve got.
For now.

52 Weeks, Week 00

The group for this project is on Flickr, so I have a set on Flickr where all of these will be hosted if you’d like to just view all the photos in one go:
52 Weeks of Auggie
I also made a set where I upload a few of the shots that came REALLY close to being “the one” out of all the photos I snapped. I tend to shoot a LOT and only select a few to upload and post anyway, and for this project I narrow it down even further to a handful of photos in the running to be the one photo. These are the few photos that I passed over in favour of the photo shown above. Or, as I call them… The Rejects.
52 Weeks of Auggie – The Rejects

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