oh my auggie

Snowtiems wit Auggiedoggie

Ohhhh hai. Is snowtiems wit Auggie!

Dis kinda deep snow.


kay now I run wheeeee!

Wheeeee! (ahhhh pure Auggie joy!)

Kay dats enuf.

No really. I ran in it once. Is okay.

No wai. Not going back out dere.

Mama said “desperate times call for desperate measures.” Then she picked me up and put me here in the snow. WHY???

Now what?

Gramma shovelin’ the driveway.

No, don’t wanna play in too deep snow.

No is kinda cold on my belly when I get in.

Why you do dis to me Mommy?

You throw me in another pile of snow. I ignore you.

WHY, Mommy? WHY?

Why you on other side of fence. Where you goin. Dis stuff is cold and I has snowballs on my feets.

Okay now we go inside. END OF SNOWTIEMS WIT AUGGIE.

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