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Something came to visit

Her name is Pepper.
Auggie loved her.
She thought Auggie was stupid… and she might be right.

Auggie’s like OOOOMG PLAY WITH MEEEEE and she’s like “ew no you’re weird.”

Auggie says “but but but…”

She’s so dark on her back, just like Kota. My mom was watching us play in the yard out the kitchen window, and I called Pepper and she ran across the yard to me and jumped up to give me kisses. My mom could only see Pepper from behind and when I came back in she was kind of choked up and said “For a minute there it looked like you and Kota.” Then she looks at Pepper and says “Kota didn’t want to play much with Auggie either.” Hahahaha… it’s true.

Auggie’s the biggest flirt in the world and normally ALL the bitches love him, but he is really stumped that Pepper doesn’t want to play. I think she will play with him tomorrow. Today she is just trying to get settled in here I think. She kind of has acted like she wants to play with him some but just isn’t sure. In Pepper’s defense the dog is in fact an idiot. He has run into the wall like four times in his zoomies.

Auggie is currently trying his hardest… tailwagging everywhere and she looks mildly interested… then he just barked and playbowed and she walked away. So he got a toy and she’s looking at it but won’t touch it. Poor poor Auggie.

Auggie says “this one is broken can I have another?”
I’m not kidding, he just tried to get her to play again, and when she wouldn’t he turned to me and barked in my face.

Little Comedian

So I’ve been working on Auggie’s one-minute sit stay and three-minute down stays. During the sit stay he started to lay down, so I’m standing across the room from him and go “No, Auggie – sit.” He continues to lay down. “Auggie… AUGGIE…”
He looks at me, and instead of sitting, he proceeds to ROLL OVER.

Which of course makes me crack up, because not only does he look ridiculous when he rolls over, but again, I can just IMAGINE this happening during the obedience trial. All the dogs are in a line doing a down stay and mine is like “Durp durp *roll over* *roll over* *roll over* What am I supposed to be doing?? *roll over*”

So later that night I was telling my mom about this, and I said something like “And I was like, no, Auggie! Sit! Sit!” and laughing about how he then rolled over… and then I look over, and there’s Auggie across the room from me, SITTING, and looking at me with this sad look on his face, like “I AM sitting!! What more do you WANT from me?!”

It’s a really good thing he’s so cute, or the brattyness would not be funny AT ALL.

Oh, Auggie…

I had kind of a rotten day today. Not the worst day in the world, just stressful. I broke into the bottles of wine from our wine tasting feature and drank a glass of wine halfway through the day, it was that kind of day. Auggie has been having to work for his dinner through heeling exercises lately and I almost skipped it after work today and just threw it in his bowl, but I went ahead and worked on it with him anyway, and he did WONDERFULLY. I was starting to feel glum and thought I couldn’t clean his heel up enough in time for the obedience trial, but after today I feel a lot better. He’s actually doing much better than I thought. Outside he starts to get really wild on me but inside he really has a lovely off-lead heel (and the trial is indoors.)

So I thought, oh, maybe he knew I had a crappy day and he’s just being good to make me feel better.

Well, my dad took me and my mom out for Mexican food for dinner, and when we came back I was carrying the leftovers downstairs to put in the fridge down there… and Auggie pranced up behind me and nipped at my foot! WTF Auggie! He has never been the kind of dog to nip or mouth unless I’m running and playing with him and getting him overworked, but all of a sudden he has apparently decided he wants to be. Yesterday it was my knee while I was carrying the pumpkins, today it’s my foot while I’m carrying leftover food. I don’t know what his problem is but it’s not cute.

So much for thinking he was being extra good to make me feel better.

Auggie’s pumpkin break

I took these when I came home for my lunch break one day…

Slightly guilty face… he was trying to sneak a nibble on the pumpkin stem.

I did the exact same thing I did last year – set up the pumpkins too far apart. Again, I apparently think I have more than one dog. Two dogs would fill that space perfectly. Two and a small puppy.




Serious Auggie is serious.

Lookin’ at a little punkin…

Lookin’ at a big punkin…

“Pfeh” says Auggie. This is in response to me trying to make him put his paws up on the pumpkin. He says no wai.

I think this is a good photo for everybody that meets Auggie and goes “OMG, he’s SO MUCH SMALLER than I thought!” It gives an idea of scale…

That’s it! Nothing spectacular but what can you do. I only had like ten minutes before I needed to go back to work.

Also he tried to nom my knee while I was carrying the pumpkins out to the yard. Thanks Auggie.

Why didn’t anybody TELL me about these??

Saturday I drove to a confo show and got to see Auggie’s breeder do some show grooms on a couple of her dogs. A lot of scissoring had already been done the weekend before (and I missed coming to watch that because I had to work) but I still got to see quite a bit and learned some stuff. I had a little bit of spare cash that I saved to spend at the show but couldn’t find what I wanted there that was affordable enough for me, so Sunday after work I took Auggie out to the pet stores in town and tried to find an economy pair of curved shears. PetSmart’s teeny tiny little grooming section had ONE pair, and even though I haven’t had much luck with PetSmart’s “Top Paw” scissors before, I went ahead and bought them to see how they worked…

I tried them while I was home for lunch this afternoon and AUGH! I wish I’d known about this and bought a pair of curved shears AGES ago! They made it SO fast, and SO smooth, and his feet look awesome. I’ve been able to do a good job with my straight shears, but it usually takes forever and I have to do a lot of careful blending, which did I mention I don’t own a grooming table, so it consists of me sitting on the floor, hunching over and usually tilting my head at an odd angle to get a good look at Auggie’s feet? =P

I’m so happy! And even more thrilled that I got them at PetSmart and they worked!! And now I don’t have to spend an hour on Auggie’s feet or risk them looking like I completely butchered them! YAY!


I feel awful. I have a sinus infection/cold/flu type thing going on, I have no idea. I came home from work and I just wanted to run a hot bath and try to drain my sinuses. But first I was going to feed Auggie and potty him. So I fed him and took him out to potty, and he bolts to the back fence to, I assume, bark at squirrels. Then I notice he’s not barking and his head is down and he’s EATING something.

So I yell at him to leave it and then run back to see what it is. I’m guessing it was a tomato or something from somebody’s garden that a squirrel dropped in our yard but I can’t really tell exactly what it is. Better safe than sorry, so I go grab the hydrogen peroxide. One capful… nothing. Fifteen minutes later I give him a second capful. He finally harfs up… one small mouthful of foam. So ten minutes later, a third capful. And this whole time I’m standing out there with a fever wishing I were asleep or dead.
FINALLY after the third capful he throws up three piles, one of which included his dinner. I thought he just snagged a nibble of the whatever-it-was but nope, there were huge pieces of it in his piles. So I follow him around some more and he seems done. Okay. Into the house and shut into the kitchen while I go pick up the piles of puke, drag out the hose, hose them down, and put the hose back. Come inside, survey the kitchen for more vomit… nope, nothing. Get my hands all washed up.
It’s now past six PM.

Sit down and start thinking about taking that hot bath. Check e-mail first.

Aaaand Auggie harfs under my chair, all over the white carpet that my dad INSISTED on putting down. Including nice yellow bile and even a couple green beans from his breakfast this morning! So now I have to put the dog in the crate and get the Green Machine so I can clean that up. Which of course needs more solution put in it, because I didn’t refill it the last time I used it and noticed it was going to need more solution soon. Take the machine back downstairs so I can clean out the brush head and the waste tank… and I spilled the waste tank, full of pukey-water, all over me.

Poor Auggie is now still in his crate, but without a pillow or any snuggies, because I am NOT in the mood to have to fish out a puke-covered pillow and take it downstairs to do laundry. I hope he’s seriously done puking now, because I definitely don’t feel good enough to give him a bath tonight either.

I do, however, want to kill myself.

And right after I post this the first time? Cue Auggie throwing up a mouthful of bile. At least I got him out of the crate without having him step in it… this time.

More bad bad bad Auggiemonster

I wanted to take some funny pics of Auggie with his Fetching Tag to send to the company so I got out his Auggles.

Then, while I was at it, we got some outtakes…

And a couple of other good shots.

I’s not up to n-e-thing. I’s good dog. Not brat at alls.