oh my auggie

Big Faker

Last night I took Auggie out running with me. When we were almost to the end of the run, I looked at him to make sure he was doing okay and noticed that at some point in the last two minutes he had started limping. “(#$*()@” I thought. ” Can’t have my little guy hurt.” I wasn’t sure what he did but he was definitely limping, so I decided I’d pick him up and carry him the rest of the way home instead of making him walk the remainder of the way and possibly hurt himself more.

So we get inside, I put him down and start taking off his harness so I can take a look at him to try and see what he did… and no sooner did I get the harness off than he leaps away, wiggling and giggling, and runs to go grab a toy to play. Limp? WHAT limp??

)$@*(%ING FAKER.

Well, I say that, but later that night he was licking his front paws. I thought about putting bitter apple spray on them but he wasn’t really chewing them up, so I didn’t. I sort of think I should have, because he threw up three times in the middle of the night last night, and at one point appeared like he threw up some fur, like maybe he’d chew some off his foot. I’m not sure if he licked something nasty off his feet and that’s why he threw up or what. He has no limp this morning either though, and was chasing after a tennis ball like nothing was wrong. So, yeah. Giant faking faker, Auggie. I’m onto you.

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