oh my auggie

Something has been here

I didn’t feel very good after my run this afternoon (note to self – one hour is NOT long enough for Mexican food to settle in your stomach) so I ended up huddling in the bathroom for a while. At one pointed I heard Auggie sniffing and snorting outside the door.

Well, when I came out of the bathroom, I kind of expected to find Auggie waiting for me there. Instead, I saw…

Evidence of a monster! And yet, no monster to be seen…….
Apparently he thought I needed his giant sheep, so he pulled it out from where it’s lodged (under a tripod table next to his crate), out of the room, and all the way down the hall. Then he left it there for me I guess, because he is nowhere to be found. I think he’s downstairs, I haven’t actually seen him since I came out of the bathroom.
It’s actually sort of creepy… the sheep… just staring at me…

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