oh my auggie

This is a sign he has too many sheep toys

Auggie dropped a sheep toy in the kitchen and came in here to bug me. I kept telling him “Go get your sheep!” so he’d go bring it to me and I could throw it for him, and pointed in the kitchen. But he was looking over at his toy box. “No – go get your SHEEP! Your SHEEP! It’s in the KITCHEN!”
He went to the toy box.
“No, the SHEEP, Auggie!”
He grabbed something in the toy box.
“That’s not the sheep.”

Then I looked at it.

“Oh wait. Yes it is. Sorry.”

Seriously… the dog has his own personal flock of sheep toys. And I don’t help it any because if I find another cute sheep toy I HAVE to get it for him. A couple weeks ago I found a sheep BALL. How cute is that?! A SHEEP BALL! It’s like it was made for him! So now he has a sheep ball.

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